About Us

About Us

Robert Huff, Owner

Mr HuffMr. Robert Huff has over 30 years of progressive business experience in owning, developing and managing various health care organizations and general businesses.

“Pets have played a vital role in my life from the prospective of perseverance and dedication to family.  When I was 11 years old my mother became a single parent and we were forced to move many times as a result of economic necessity.  We had a cocker spaniel by the name of “Bucky” who I loved and “Bucky” was my best friend.  We had moved unexpectedly, and one weekend, “Bucky” disappeared. Our new home was cross town and about one year after moving I was walking home from school and across the street I saw this dog, which looked just like “Bucky”.  I had no idea that this dog, who was pretty worn out looking, would be who I thought he was. I called his name and Bucky came running.   I kept Bucky until I was drafted into the service and gave him to my step brother.    I never forgot that event in my life and have had several pets since that time.  Bucky helped to teach me perseverance and dedication which I have carried throughout my life.  Being in business for so many years and being successful in my family life is due to many factors, but as crazy as it may sound, love and perseverance had a big factor in my success.   This new venture is dedicated to what pet family members can do to influence your life.”

Angeline Pantazis, Administrative Director

Angie comes to us from Massachusetts with a positive attitude and passion for success.  Angie has a Bachelors of Arts in Communications with a focus in Public Relations as well as a background in administrative management.  Her combined education, knowledge and administrative background is proving to be a great mixture.  She is a valuable addition to our team.

Julie Dejnowski, General Manager – Sarasota

Jennifer Strickland, General Manager – Osprey