Day School


*Currently available only at our Osprey location until further notice.


Drop your dog off at Bayside Pet Resort of Osprey for an exciting day of learning! Your dog will experience structured group games, controlled group play, customized private lessons, fitness training, group obedience lessons and any other activities your dog may need or enjoy.

We keep our Day School class very small, no more than 5 dogs. In a smaller controlled setting, we can improve confidence, focus and self-control in each student.  This is a great option for most dogs especially puppies. At the end of each day, you will receive a detailed report.


***Prior to enrolling in Day School, all dogs must undergo a temperament evaluation at our facility. Due to limited class size, we ask that all new students call to check for availability before arriving. We recommend scheduling in advance. Give us a call to schedule your dog’s first day at (941) 244-4930.***


9am – 11am:

All 5 dogs will be dropped off before or during this time and the dogs will have structured group play. Each dog will have their first individual training session where we work on behaviors requested by the owner. Dogs will also be taken outside to potty at this time.

11am – 12pm:

Each dog will have a 5-minute “canine conditioning” session where we work on building muscle and body awareness. We will work on recalls, group stays and other exercises on platforms, waiting at the door and much more!

12pm -1pm:

All 5 dogs will have nap time after a midday potty break and be provided with mentally stimulating puzzle toys in their suite.

1pm – 3pm:

After a potty walk, each dog will have their second individual training session as well as a group training session. The remainder of this time will be spent maintaining good manners, social skills and providing K9 enrichment.

3pm – 5pm:

All 5 dogs will have structured group play and may be picked up anytime during these two hours. Dogs here until 6pm will be placed in a suite where they can relax until the owner’s arrival.

*Day School schedule of activities are subject to change based on the unique needs of the individuals in the group.