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Dog Training at Bayside Pet Resort of Osprey

Chihuahua and Lab obedience training at Bayside Pet Resort of Osprey

Obedience Training is available for dogs of any age and breed at our state-of-the-art facility. Each training class is a 6-week course, during which our professional dog trainers will teach you positive reinforcement training methods. Obedience classes cover all of the basics in beginner courses, and begin incorporating more difficult distractions and lessons in advanced classes.


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Dog Training Class Schedule

Mondays, April 2 – May 7, 5:00PM

$120 / 6 weeks / 1 Hour / Revolving enrollment

Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies ages 12-20 weeks. In our safe and sanitary environment your puppy will be introduced to different stimuli, people, other puppies and more. We will have fun playing learning games while also focusing on preventing issues such as potty training, biting, chewing, boredom, destruction and barking. With a proper educational foundation, we’re able to help assure that your puppy reaches its greatest potential. We are committed to helping new puppy owners set off on a path that will lead to a lifetime of opportunities and achievements, no matter how big or small they may be. 

Our Puppy Kindergarten class is a well thought out and carefully conducted development and enrichment program, designed to help your pup develop into a confident pet. You will be taught how to positively handle your puppy through a series of activities that include grooming exercises, mock veterinary exams, obstacle navigation, basic behaviors (including come, sit, down, stay) and walking on a leash. You will learn how the power of play can be just as effective along with treat training. These fundamentals will help us build on life skills that are paramount to grooming, veterinary exams and teaching etiquette in public places.

 You will work your puppy on and off leash. Working off leash is important in establishing a reliable working relationship. As a reward, puppies will be allowed short recess time to learn how to properly play and socialize with one another while also learning to listen when distracted. This will be great for anyone who plans to bring their dog to parks or beach environments where dogs are off leash together. There will be plenty of opportunities for personalized Q&A time with your trainer to assure you have all your needs met. Revolving enrollment (or drop in classes) are available with this class. For those puppies who attend all six classes, you may be eligible to take the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy test at the end of this course. More information is available about this test at

Fun & Games

$120 / 6 weeks / 1 hour / 6:00 PM


What is Fun & Games?

Fun & Games class is unique in that it combines what you love about obedience, agility, nose work, rally, and tricks classes all into one! Each week we use an array of obstacles, training techniques and have a ton of fun. This is a class you can enroll in over and over again. We routinely add or change up games, keeping things new and exciting for those looking to have fun with their dogs on a regular basis. Our goals are to help you develop a working relationship with your dog while having so much fun you don’t even realize you’re training! Below is a breakdown of each session:


Bravery Day – We introduce your dogs to various obstacles that wobble, make noise, and/or are elevated off the ground. Interesting items/smells will be available for your dogs to investigate, touch and interact with. Create a more confident dog with these fun interactive games.


Group Game Day – Let’s play a group game of tic tac toe utilizing our dog’s ability to sit, stay, and down stay. Other favorites are Lassie says, musical pups, Olympic games and more!


Tricks Day – Let’s find out what your dog’s individual strengths are and turn them into fun tricks you can show off to family and friends. Learn how to achieve almost anything using a clicker to shape behavior.


Obstacle Course Day – We review behaviors already known and learn some new and fun ones involving obedience, tricks, and agility. We then set a course with signs similar to Rally. Each dog and owner team will have fun attempting this fun but challenging course.


Hide & Seek Day – We will perform two scent exercises using a variety of scent obstacles and articles. Recall games where you hide and your dog finds you to make coming when called fun!


Skills Day – Want your dog to cooperate and pose for pictures? Attempt a performance skill like agility or retrieve a dumbbell? Perhaps there is a fun game or trick we covered previously that you want to continue to work on with your dog. This day is all about you and your pup. Let’s explore new, interesting or useful tasks and skills.


All breeds and ages, including puppies, are welcome to take this class. Though not required, it is recommended that your dog already know basic behaviors including sit, down, stay, and come. For the safety of all participants, we ask that only dog-friendly dogs enroll in this class. There will be high levels of excitement and some off leash work.


Once you are fully registered, you will receive a link to your orientation video. We want everyone to be successful, and encourage you to watch the 10-minute video in order to help you be prepared for your first session.