Amenities and Accommodations

We do everything to make sure our guests feel right at home.

At Bayside Pet Resort, all of our guests receive:

  • Love and care from our educated, certified, and experienced staff.
  • The highest standards of cleanliness, safety and care.
  • Indoor Suites that are air–conditioned, humidity controlled, and have a specialized ventilation system that  circulates fresh air every ten minutes.
  • Premium house food or their own diet from home.
  • Soothing music throughout the facility along with sky-lighting.
  • 5-point health and safety check by a Manager or Supervisor daily.
  • Freshly cleaned suites and linens.

We have three Southwest Florida Locations, offering a variety of services with various amenities and accommodations available by location.  For more specific information about each of our three Southwest Florida luxury canine and feline resort and spa facilities please visit their Location Page:  Sarasota | University Park | Osprey

Meal Information

We highly recommend providing your pets’ normal diet during their stay at our resort.  This will help with any pets who may have a sensitive stomach and help them to feel at home. Please “Pre-Bag” their food for each meal.  If their morning feeding is different than their evening feeding, please label AM or PM.  This helps to make sure they receive the same measurements as that would at home.

Feeding time is mid-morning for those pets fed once a day and additionally in the late evening for those requesting twice a day meals. Arrangements can be made if your pet is on a specific feeding schedule or has special requirements.

It is recommended you limit the amount of food you provide your pet on the day of admission due to the natural excitement your pet may experience upon arrival at the Resort. Likewise, food and water should be limited for the first hour or two after your pet arrives home. This will allow your pet ample time to settle down.

We proudly offer Fromm Family recipes as our house food. Our dog recipe is Fromm Natural Adult (dry) and our cat recipe is Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals “Chicken a la Veg”. House food is available for $1/day.


All of our accommodations come standard with maid service, soothing music, comfortable beds and clean, climate-controlled surroundings.  They will have sanitized dishes, freshly laundered bedding and safe, clean elimination yards.

Bayside’s Bedding, Food & Water Dishes are all-included in suite pricing. Guests are encouraged to bring a few items from home such as Treats, Toys and Blankets to make their pet(s) feel more at home.

** Each and every guest will go through a daily 5-Point Health Check, to make sure all guests stay healthy and happy. **

Multiple Family Members:

Bayside Pet Resort offers discounts for multiple dogs or cats, from the same family, sharing accommodations.