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Bayside Pet Spa
8405 Honore Ave.
University Park, Florida 34201
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Mon – Fri: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm
Sat: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sun: 12PM-4PM

(Sunday For Spa Bath and Daycare Services)

Luxury Day Spa and Day Care

Our Doggie Day Spa was created to enhance your pets’ physical and emotional well-being. From Professional Grooming to Massage Therapy and Daycare, Bayside Pet Spa has the perfect selection of services to indulge your beloved pup and create their own unique experience.

Whether you are out shopping or just have a busy day at work, Bayside Pet Spa is your perfect solution for caring for your pets every luxury need.

Your pets will stay in our “Private Patios” which have comfy elevated beds & soft blankets for your pets’ comfort as well as have access to our fenced in elimination yard for their potty time.  Clients who are here for the day will enjoy individual or group playtime in our indoor Park with one of our attendants.


941-355-DOGS (3647)


Luxury Grooming and Day Spa Services

Our staff of professional groomers will pamper your pets with high quality shampoos & conditioners and make them look AND feel their best.

Alisha and Nicole Professional Dog Groomers at Bayside Pet Spa

Deluxe Spa Groom

A therapeutic, massaging, warm water bath & conditioning, ear cleaning/plucking, nail trim and breed specific styling to suit your dogs’ personality & lifestyle.

Mini Spa Groom

A touch-up service with sanitary trim, feet scissoring, pad shaving, minor scissoring & clipping of face and includes a Spa Bath.

Spa Bath

A therapeutic, massaging, warm water bath, clean ears, nail trim and brush out.

Specialty Services – Therapeutic Mud Baths

Mud Mobility

Cooling therapy that helps ease arthritic pain with deep penetrating, soothing menthol and coat conditioners.

Soothing Mud

Great for irritated, itchy skin and hot spots.  Ingredients rich in antioxidants, antiseptic & astringent properties for calming, soothing relief.

Shed-less Mud

Exfoliating mud to help loosen and get rid of dead undercoat that causes dogs to shed. 


Bronze Package

Choose 2 add-on services.

Silver Package

Choose 3 add-on services.

Gold Package

Choose 4 add-on services.

Spa la Carte Services:

May be added to Grooming

  • Blueberry Facial
  • Furminator Treatment
  • Nail Buffing
  • Nail Polish
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Paw Balm Treatment
  • Ear Cleaning/Plucking
  • Accessories

Body and Soul

Our Certified Canine Massage Therapists know exactly how to make your pet relaxed and comfortable.  Massage is a form of therapeutic touch using specific massage techniques, movements, and pressures for specific results.  The treatment is done with intention and focus for the well-being of the dog.  We find canine massage to be the perfect remedy for the body & soul.  Massage sessions are 30 minutes or our therapists can create a specific treatment for your pet.

Ultimate Relaxation Package

This Full Day at the Spa includes a Deluxe Spa Groom, Painted toes (if appropriate), 30 Minute Massage, Aroma Therapy, Gourmet Meal and and 2 Activities that fits their personality.

Pampered Pup Package

Includes a Mini Spa Groom, 30 Minute Massage, Ice Cream Treat and 2 Activities that fits their personality.

Fun-Loving Pup Package

Includes a Spa Bath, 30 Minute Massage, Stuffed Kong and an Activity that fits their personality.

Day Lodging & Doggie Daycare


Daycare at the Spa is a great way for pups to interact with dogs their size and energy level.  Pups will have potty breaks, playtime and naps as needed.  Our Daycare guests will stay in their own private patio with chilled spring water, elevated beds and soft blankets where they spend their down-time. They can romp with friends in the Parisian Park or Outdoor by the pool!  This intimate Daycare setting is ideal for older pets or shy dogs who might get overwhelmed in large groups or young pups who play hard and sleep hard!

Day Lodging

We also offer options for guests who prefer a more private setting. A “Day at the Spa” includes a Private Patio with chilled spring water, elevated bed with soft blanket, walks for potty breaks, playtime in the park and cuddle time with our attentive staff.