Bayside Pet Pantry

Bayside Pet Resort Philanthropy

Bayside Pet Resort is an enthusiastic supporter of area rescues and animal welfare organizations. We work hard to better our community by organizing fundraising efforts, sponsoring shelter pets, offering discounted services for the families of newly adopted pets, and grooming dogs at no cost to help them find a forever home. Every pet deserves a family!

We also sponsor “Bayside Pet Pantry”, a donation program dedicated to small, local animal rescues in our area. We collect anything from beds, blankets, towels, toys, leashes and collars, crates, un-opened food & treats, or cash donations throughout the year at all locations.

We are proud to do our part in supporting our local community.

Bridges of America

We hire many employees through our partnership with Bridges of America, a work-release inmate transition program that allows inmates to gain work experience. This voluntary program applies strict rules, boundaries, and curfews for all women in the program. Many of our employees choose to stay with us when they graduate from the program! When Bridges faced a state funding cut, Bayside Pet Resort spoke out and were among the many local businesses whose support helped show the state what a benefit Bridges programs are to small businesses, and the communities that surround them.


Easter Seals of Southwest Florida

Easter Seals offers the highest quality of care and services to children, youth and adults with special needs so that they can enjoy access, opportunities and increased life choices. We hire many outstanding individuals through Easter Seals’ Life Skills Development program, designed to advance individual independence and expand participants’ life choices at work, home, school, and in the community. Through our relationship, Bayside and Easter Seals are also able to put on fun, social events for the community to enjoy.



Meet Chewy!


Chewy was rescued from an animal hoarding/puppy mill situation and brought to us for grooming. Sophia Donato, a Bayside staff member, quickly fell in love with him and the rest is history! Here is their story:

On January 7, 2016 (my birthday), I walked into work to begin my shift and found a little pet carrier on the floor next to the grooming room. I stared at the little carrier curiously before slowly walking away. My friend Murisa, who also stopped to check out the little carrier, asked me to come back and take a look inside. I did just that and saw “Charlie”, the tiniest little brown dog from the Sarasota Humane Society. Come to find out, he was kept in a home with many other dogs and was used only for breeding. He was very dirty, matted, and a hot little mess who was not taken care of at all. He was at Bayside to be groomed so he would be ready to be adopted. Well, that he was.

Chewy absolutely loves being at Bayside and has a great time in daycare. He is now a very happy dog!