Dog Training

Dog Training at Bayside Pet Resort

We offer training and agility courses appropriate for dogs of any age or “education” level. Training boosts a dog’s confidence, which helps develop clear communication and mutual respect between dog and owner. In addition, class time provides a safe, constructive environment for pups to learn proper socialization and manners. It is an excellent way to strengthen the bond you share with your canine companion.

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Obedience Courses

For puppies 9 weeks to 5 months

Start your puppy off right and help take the stress out of bringing home a new puppy so you can enjoy teaching them your house rules and how to be polite. Class will focus on household manners and help address puppy behaviors, such as jumping, inappropriate mouthing and chewing, potty and crate training tips and more. Class will allow playtime mixed with calming exercises and basic obedience including attention, sit, down, loose leash walking, come when called, and stay. Learning should always be fun so only motivational and positive methods are used in our puppy socialization class! All training is done with a flat buckle collar on the dog. No retractable leashes. Puppies must have received their first set of shots including the Bordetella vaccination. (Minimum class of three puppies)

For dogs 6 months and older

Your dog is never too old to learn! This class will incorporate basics such as attention, sit, down, recalls, leave-it, stay, wait, watch, loose leash walking, and sit for petting. The importance of play and toys and everyday behavioral management will be discussed. This class uses only positive training methods and positive reinforcement and will include many training tips. Dogs are trained using a buckle collar, martingale collar or properly fitted head halter, and a six foot long lead. No retractable leashes. (Minimum class of three dogs)

Prerequisite: Obedience I or equivalent

Already have the basics? Want to train an even better dog? This class will teach the more formal obedience commands while teaching the fundamentals needed if you want to go on and compete with your dog in agility or rally. The exercises will include teaching heel position, duration sit and down stays, stays with distraction, stand for exam, take-it, drop-it, finish and other exciting behaviors.

Prerequisite: Obedience I or equivalent

“Rally (also know as Rally Obedience) is a relatively new dog sport. It is a fun and exciting way to build teamwork and to demonstrate a variety of obedience skills without the rigor required in traditional Obedience competition. Rally offers pet owners a chance to work with their dogs while also presenting challenges for those who are seeking higher levels of competition.

In Rally, the team moves at their own pace, performing 18 to 20 exercises along the way. Communication between handler and dog is encouraged.

The objective of the Introduction to Rally Obedience class is to prepare students to perform Novice-level exercises. Exercises from AKC, WCR (APDT), and other sanctioning organizations will be presented. Students will be provided with tips on how to run a course and on basic training as needed. The instructor will cover rules and regulations that apply to rally competition.”

Prerequisite: Obedience I and preferable Obedience II

Today more than ever dogs need good manners in public to live harmoniously within communities. A well-behaved dog reflects favorably on its owner. The AKC CGC Program will help you achieve this goal. This course allows you to work with other owners who share your goal. Upon completing and passing the CGC test your dog is eligible to be certified by the AKC as a Canine Good Citizen.

Prerequisite: Obedience I or pre-approval by instructor

We all love to spend quality time with our beloved pets and it is great to get them out and about. Dogs with good social skills are a joy to be around. This class will teach your dog to be polite and courteous in public settings. Each week we will work and build on skills to make your dog a welcome guest with the final class being held at a public restaurant.

Dog must

  • have completed the Agility Foundation Skills or an equivalent
  • be non-aggressive toward other dogs and people
  • be in relatively good physical condition (age, weight, movement, eyesight, etc.)
  • be willing to give attention to the handler for a reasonable amount of time
  • be comfortable working on leash
  • respond promptly to recall commands

Are you looking for some activities that you can do with your dog that will improve your bond, provide a physical outlet for both of you, and be fun, all at the same time without the pressure of developing skills for agility competition?  Is your older dog in need of some safe, simple exercises and play to keep him engaged and happy?  Perhaps your young dog just has such a joie de vivre that she needs an outlet to express herself.  This class is designed to provide you with such opportunities.  This class will be focused on agility, but instead of preparing dogs and handlers for competition, we will focus on activities and games that take advantage of the equipment and common household items.  Safe, confident obstacle performance and handling skills will be taught, but at a level that will ensure the teams can safely perform the obstacles and navigate short sequences.  Additional exercises will be provided based on the interest of the students, and may include some obedience work, tricks training, and games.

Looking for something fun and interesting to do together with your dog that can be done in the comfort of your home, does not require a large back yard filled with equipment, and shows off how smart and well-behaved your dog is?   Is your dog nervous or fearful?  This class is just the ticket to address these.  While learning tricks and problem solving, your dog will gain trust in your ability to communicate more clearly with him. This helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Nervous, fearful, aggressive, or overly-exuberant dogs become more comfortable and well-mannered while learning tricks in the presence of other dogs and people.  We will teach you how to how to teach your dog to perform specific tricks.  You will learn how to train your dog to perform specific behaviors (a sit is a trick, for example), how to break down complex tricks into smaller, specific behaviors, and how to put these individual pieces together to complete a trick.  This will be done using the same tools that professional animal trainers use:  positive reinforcement, free-shaping, luring, capturing, and targeting.  At the end of this class, you will have learned how to communicate better with your dog, your dog will have gained confidence and focus, and your relationship will have grown.  On the last day of class, each participating dog will be evaluated for a Novice Tricks title.  To take this class, the dog must have completed a basic obedience or, if appropriate, a puppy socialization class, or have the permission of the instructor.

Agility Courses

Prerequisite: Obedience I or equivalent

Do you want to have more fun with your dog? This class will prepare dogs and handlers for the Beginner Agility I class. Although some of the equipment will be introduced in this class, the objective is to provide the foundation necessary to prepare your dog for the agility equipment and to handle courses successfully. We’ll be working on targeting and ground work, start-line stays and impulse control, foundation jumping, flat work, attention and focus, recall and playing with your dog, among other things. Tippy boards, plank work, ladders, crate games, and other fun exercises will be introduced.  The dog must have completed Basic Obedience I or have the equivalent skills, must be non-aggressive toward other dogs and people, and must be in relatively good physical condition (age, weight, movement, eyesight, etc).

Prerequisite: Agility Foundation Skills class

The objective of this class is to introduce the dogs to all of the agility obstacles, training them to perform the obstacles safely and successfully, emphasizing foundation jumping, table performances, dog walk and a-frame contacts at low heights, and attention and focus. Dogs will work primarily on lead in this class.  Dogs must complete the Agility Foundation Skills class or have instructor approval to take this class, must be non-aggressive toward other dogs and people, and must be in relatively good physical condition (age, weight, movement, eyesight, etc).  

Prerequisite: Beginner Agility I or equivalent

This class is designed to further develop your dog’s confidence on all obstacles and to set the groundwork for further successful agility training.  We will also work on fast, accurate contact performances, developing proper jumping skills, sending to tunnels, jumps, and the table, and improving weave pole performance.  Basic handling skills will be introduced and short sequences of obstacles will be performed as the teams progress.  Dogs will work primarily off-leash.  The dog must have completed Beginner Agility I or have the equivalent skills, must be non-aggressive toward other dogs and people, must be in relatively good physical condition (age, weight, movement, eyesight, etc.), must be willing to give attention to the handler for a reasonable amount of time, and must respond promptly to recall commands.

Prerequisite: Basic Agility II or equivalent, or pre-approval by instructor

This class will focus on developing handling skills and the performance of longer sequences of obstacles. Distance skills, with the dog working away from the handler, will be included. Training on the obstacles will emphasize independent performance by the dog.

This class will be tailored to the needs of the students. Students should already be competing in agility or be sufficiently prepared to compete. Handlers should be familiar with the more common handling skills, while dogs should be experienced will all agility obstacles. Full courses drawn from courses used in trials will be presented, as will “skills and drills” and refresher foundation exercises as appropriate for the class members..

Prerequisite: Obedience I or equivalent

Small dogs often pose unique challenges for successful performance of agility courses.  This class will emphasize the skills and awareness that will enhance the confidence and performance of small dogs by using smaller equipment and sequences designed to address these specific challenges.  The exercises will be tailored to meet the level and needs of the dogs and handlers in the class.  This class will be limited to dogs no taller than 15 inches at the withers.  Dogs must have completed Beginner Agility II or have the equivalent skills, must be non-aggressive toward other dogs and people, must be in relatively good physical condition (age, weight, movement, eyesight, etc.), must be willing to give attention to the handler for a reasonable amount of time, and must respond promptly to recall commands.

Not available at this time. Please call if you would like to take this course.

This is a teaching class designed for dogs working at the Master/Excellent level in agility. Dogs must have earned at least one leg at the Master/Excellent (or equivalent) level, or the team must have instructor approval, prior to taking the class.  The class will be based on performances of sequences of 8 to 12 obstacles.  The difficulty will be based on the level of the dogs in the class.  All equipment will be at full height and handlers must have basic handling skills already in place.  We will work on tightening lines, trying a variety of handling options in various sequences, and improving the dog’s performance skills.

This is a 4 week workshop focused on identifying difficult course challenges and handling options. Decision making will be based on the requirements of the individual teams.


No drop ins. A minimum of 3, maximum of 6 teams.

This is a 4 week workshop working toward an understanding of the dog and handler paths, commitment points, and determining the cues necessary for establishing consistent handling for each team. We will work on various obstacle configurations and handling requirements for your dog.

Geared toward dogs and teams beginning to sequence, or teams that would like to improve their partnership and understanding of their dogs’ needs in the ring.

No drop ins. A minimum of 3, and maximum of 6 teams.

Agility Run-Through & "Try-It" Events

Perhaps you have watched canine agility on TV. Maybe you’ve seen agility classes in the past. Have you thought that your dog could run an obstacle course? Would you like to see what your dog might be willing and able to do? Would you like to see what the fun is all about? Come to our “Agility Try-It! Day,” where you and your dog will be exposed to a variety of introductory obstacles, like tunnels and jumps and tables. It’s guaranteed to be a fun time!

(For experienced teams) Looking for a little practice time?  We will set up nested Novice and Masters-level courses for you to run with your dog. Each team will have 2 minutes per run to work the entire course or specific sections, as desired. Dogs must be trained to at least the Novice level..

Jeff Boyer


Jeff Boyer has been an agility instructor for nine years.  He actively competes in agility in numerous organizations.  He and his dogs have been to the CPE, DOCNA, USDAA, and TDAA national championships multiple times.  Jeff is also an agility judge for CPE, UKI, USDAA, and TDAA.  He actively competes in agility in numerous organizations.

Jeff believes that learning and training should be fun for both members of the team, and strives for a teaching environment that is relaxed, supportive, and positive for all.  Positive reinforcement of correct behaviors is paramount, and he encourages his students to adopt this philosophy.

Murisa Deighton

Murisa has been working with dogs and exotic animals for nearly 15 years, discovering a passion for training along the way. She does behavioral training during which she helps clients pin point areas where a dog may be having trouble. “I want the owners to have the best life possible with their dog” she said. Working with clients to find out what may be going on at home helps her provide the insight and instruction dog owners need.

Murisa offers obedience classes in both group and one-on-one private settings. She is able to get on a deep level with the dogs, where she is able to get through to them in ways others are not able. also has two years of experience training service dogs, including working with New Horizon Service dogs – an experience she finds very rewarding!

Lori Lewandowski

Our newest trainer in SRQ is Lori Lewandowski – In 2003 she worked as a vet tech for Estero Animal Hospital, doing diagnostics, assisting surgeries, lab work and dentals.  She started training dogs in 2005 at Auburn University for scent detection and graduated 2 dogs.  In 2007, she was a puppy raiser and trained dogs for people with disabilities through Canine Companions for Independence and graduated 4 dogs through the program.  (those dogs have to learn 42 commands before they can graduate!) She has a passion for animals and also apprenticed and trained to be a groomer and is currently one of our bathers.   She has remarkable patience and a calm, methodical demeanor, is well rounded and has her ServSafe Manager Certification and is enrolled in the Culinary Arts.