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6 Compelling Reasons Your Child Needs A Pet

“Can we keep it?!”

It’s something every animal loving kid has asked their parents at one point. While some parents share that in common with their kids, others still aren’t convinced about the benefits of pets. Yes, they require commitment and cost a little extra to care for, but the benefits to your family are priceless! We’re here to convince you to accept a cute furry face in your life. Here’s our 6 reasons why children need pets:


Teaches Responsibility

Having a pet is a lot of responsibility and children can learn to meet obligations by taking care of their furry friends. Maintaining a feeding and exercise schedule for the pet helps kids honor their commitments. Additionally, it teaches them to nurture and respect other living beings, which naturally translates to raising a gentle, respectful human.




Help Fight off Allergies

According to scientific research, kids who are exposed to animal allergens like pet dander typically develop stronger immune systems. Pediatric professors evaluated 275 children who had a parent with respiratory allergies or asthma for 3 years. Children who had a dog at home as newborns were less likely to have atopic dermatitis and wheezing by their 3rd birthday.



Judgment Free Zone

Children can be tough on each other at times. Having a furry friend at home to talk to and spend time with encourages kids to be themselves while learning to accept others for who they are. Later in their teenage years, it may be more difficult for kids to talk about their emotions with their parents. Having an outlet for the emotional roller coaster that is the teenage years can help keep everyone happy at home. Your dog or cat won’t judge you either when you’re sneaking the kids’ Halloween candy or fake sleeping for a few more minutes of peace in the morning!



Invisible Health Signs

A pup’s nose has about 300 million olfactory receptors which is 50 times as many as humans! Their sniffers are so amazing, they’re able to detect epileptic seizures, cancer and even diabetes. Exceptional sniffers often become service dogs to individuals living with these diseases, helping them live more independent lives. Having a dog around might give you an early indication that something you can’t see is going on with your child.




There are 2.5 million burglaries a year, 66% of which are home break ins. This is an unsettling statistic for anyone, especially parents. Having a dog around acts as four-legged a home alarm system. In fact, ex-criminals themselves have said that barking dogs are one of the best deterrents of opportunistic thieves.



Better Studies

Pets are often used in classrooms all over to aid children in learning to read. Their presence helps kids feel at ease, which naturally helps them learn better. The presence of animals also contributes to lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and the release of feel good chemicals in the brain like dopamine and serotonin. It’s easy to do well in school when you feel good while you work!


In conclusion…

Maybe we’re a bit biased but…let them keep that puppy or kitten! Let them adopt a friend from the shelter! Pets contribute to better, healthier, happier lives. If you’re headed to the shelter to pick out your child’s new best friend, check out our article on properly greeting strange dogs.

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