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8 Health Benefits of Routine Grooming

Let’s talk about a topic that you may have not thought was necessary, grooming.

You may notice that your four-legged friends look, feel and smell better after their grooming appointment. This is true, but did you also know regular dog grooming can have a positive effect on your pups’ overall health? Especially living in Florida and dealing with additional allergens it can be crucial to keep up with your pets grooming just as you would your own. Here are eight benefits of regular grooming for your furry family members.


1. Improves Hygiene

Obviously, dogs can get a bit smelly just like humans. Routine grooming and bathing will help with improving hygiene by removing dead skin and other buildups that may be bothering your dog. 

2. Discovering Parasites

Professional dog groomers know how and where to spot fleas and their eggs. Regular washes, brushing, and trims will also help with preventing those parasites. Ask your groomer if they offer treatments to aid with pesky fleas.

3. Proactively Detecting Skin Issues

It’s a best practice to get your groomer acquainted with your dog early on. This way, they can recognize when areas look abnormal on your dog. Early detection is important for any health issues your dog could encounter. It’s also common for dogs to fall victim to anal gland infections, so we recommend talking to your groomer about an anal gland expression for them every 4-6 weeks.

4. Reduce Ear Infection

Did you know ear infections are common causation of deafness later in dogs? A routine trim around the ears and cleaning can prevent health issues down the road. Sometimes your dog may even need their ear to be plucked if they’re dealing with chronic infection, your groomer will know the signs and make that recommendation for you.

5. Nails – Improve Posture & Reduce Risk of Bone Deformation

Your dog’s nails should not be touching the ground when they stand up. If they are, it’s a sign that you’re past due for a nail trim appointment. Dogs will often accommodate for this physical discomfort by adjusting their posture. This change could lead to deformation and a plethora of avoidable pains down the road. It’s often overlooked but also a vital part of your dog’s healthcare.

6. Shed Less

No matter what type of breed your dog may be, regular grooming is beneficial to them. Having a professional groomer routinely distribute their natural oils along with brushing, proper cleansing and trim is important. This will allow your dog to LOOK and feel healthier, truly shining.

Pro Tip: If your pup has a double coat talk to your groomer about the benefits of de-shedding treatment. We promise this will help reduce the amount of shedding your dog does at home.

7. Pulling Matts

For dogs with medium-long fur, brushing is key to avoiding matts. If matts are left untouched they can become uncomfortable to your dog and will need to be cut out by their groomer.

8. Cuteness Improved

Of course, we love this benefit! Maintaining a healthy grooming routine for your dog is truly a reflection of your love for them. Depending on your dog’s breed we recommend visiting our Bayside Pet Resort Dog Groomers every 4-6  weeks. 


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