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Good Neighbor Policy

• No More than 25 dogs will be in the outdoor runs, around the perimeter of the building, at any one time.

• Rotating dogs out in smaller numbers will allow for more efficient cleaning and will reduce the time each group is outdoors.

• Any “nuisance” dogs, who bark continuously for more than 10 minutes, will be brought back into the building.  We classify these dogs as “excessive barkers” for future visits and limit their time in their outdoor runs, daycare area and/or walk them by hand.

• Any noise complaints from our neighbors will be quickly directed to our managers on duty.  Our managers will address each issue and correct it in a timely manner.

• All dogs outside in Daycare or Group Play will be supervised at all times.

• No dogs will be off-leash outside of the enclosed play yard areas.

• No pet activities will take place in the “Green Space” (RS-2 zoned areas).