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Ask A Groomer: Does my dog really need conditioner?

golden retriever dog in blue bath

“Does my dog really need conditioner?” – Megan T.

Thanks for asking, Megan!

At Bayside, we do not automatically use a conditioner during baths and grooms. We have decided it is best to offer this as an add-on option so our guests can decide for themselves if conditioner is best for their pet or not. Some dogs have sensitive skin or thin coats that can be weighed down by a conditioning treatment.

To determine if your dog would benefit from a conditioning treatment, consider the following:

  1. How long is your dog’s coat?
  2. How often do you wash your dog?
  3. Does your dog have itchy skin?


Long Coats

If your dog has a longer coat (breeds like Maltese, Yorkie, and Afghan Hounds), then it may be prone to matting and tangles. Using a conditioner will not only make your dog’s coat healthier, it will also make removing matting and tangles a lot easier so that the after-bath brush out will be a breeze.


Wash Frequency

If you wash your dog more than 1 time per month, you should consider conditioning your pet to close the hair shaft and help the coat retain moisture. Bathing can dry the skin and coat, so using a good conditioner will help replace that moisture.


Itchy Skin

You may bathe your dog more often to help soothe your dog’s itchy skin and wash away the allergens. Following up with a conditioner helps to replenish moisture while softening and soothing the dry, itchy skin.

If you are not sure if your pet would benefit from conditioning or not, talk to a professional groomer. They can evaluate your dog’s skin and coat to make a recommendation.

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