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8 Pet-Friendly Lakewood Ranch Restaurants

There is nothing better than enjoying life with your dog! For a well-behaved pup, a trip to a local restaurant is a fun and enriching experience. It is equally fun for their humans! Here are 8 restaurants in Lakewood Ranch … Continue reading

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Sarasota Location Opens In-Ground Swimming Pool

After a few long weeks, we were so excited to open our brand new in-ground swimming pool for the doggie daycare guests at our Sarasota location. This project has been a long time coming for our little guests! The project … Continue reading

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NFL Cleats Support Animal Charities

New England Patriots David Andrews Warrior Dog Foundation My Cause My Cleats 2018

The National Football League is notorious for its rigid uniform standards. That is just one of a number of reasons people call the football organization the “No Fun League”. In a surprising change of tune, the NFL began a program … Continue reading

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New “Dogumentary” Coming to Netflix Tomorrow

If you ask a group of people what they’re favorite animal is, a majority of them will probably say dogs. We love our pets beyond belief, so it was only a matter of time before Netflix created a series about … Continue reading

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Pet Suites in Lakewood Ranch (Photos and Amenities)

When we’re out and about around town, we are often asked about what is offered at our pet resort. It’s not such a simple question for us to answer! You see, most pet care facilities offer standard basic accommodations but … Continue reading

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6 Compelling Reasons Your Child Needs A Pet

“Can we keep it?!” It’s something every animal loving kid has asked their parents at one point. While some parents share that in common with their kids, others still aren’t convinced about the benefits of pets. Yes, they require commitment … Continue reading

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Training Your Puppy to Love the Groomer

“Our family just got a new puppy. We want Cinnamon to be good for the groomer. What are some things we can do at home to help that?” – Rachel R.   First, congratulations on your newest family member! Grooming … Continue reading

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Ask A Groomer: Does my dog really need conditioner?

“Does my dog really need conditioner?” – Megan T. Thanks for asking, Megan! At Bayside, we do not automatically use a conditioner during baths and grooms. We have decided it is best to offer this as an add-on option so … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie For Pups: Recipe

Pumpkin Pie For Pups Recipe Ever feel guilty for not being able to share Thanksgiving dinner with your dog? Us too! In a world of long-name ingredients, it’s hard to know what is safe to share with your pets and what’s … Continue reading

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Slowing Down A Fast Eater

Slowing Down A Fast Eater – Ditch the Bowl! by Ashley Sweeney The way to a dog’s heart is often through their belly! Some dogs take it a bit further by eating like they have never tasted food before. Scarfing … Continue reading

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