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Bayside Pet Resort Hosts Rescue Dogs from Haiti

In early December 2020 we hosted 6 dogs that were rescued by the Haiti Street Dog Project. These dogs were in transit with the Abandoned Dogs of Rhode Island where they would continue their journey to finding their forever homes. They just needed a resting place after their plane ride from Haiti and before their 2 day drive up to Rhode Island. That’s where Bayside Pet Resort came in. 

We were proud to host Joy, Mia, Lily, Bilou, Boulous, and Zoto. 

Joy (left), Mia (middle) and Kaleigh (right).

Enriqueta holding Lily and Bilou checking them out on the right.

Boulous on the left and Zoto on the right.

Sadly, Joy had an infection on her toe and needed to visit the vet. Thankfully Bayshore Animal Hospital fit us in quickly and provided medicine to help. Check out Joy’s trip to the vet below. 

Once we got back to Bayside, all the dogs got to play in our outdoor yard with toys. 

On the second day they were at Bayside, it got pretty cold. These poor dogs are still very skinny so our staff decided to buy them each a holiday sweater to help keep them warm. 


Mia (top) and Joy (bottom).




After four days with these sweet little pups, they started the drive up to Rhode Island with the rescue group. We will keep you all posted with updates as they get adopted. 

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