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Sarasota Location Opens In-Ground Swimming Pool

After a few long weeks, we were so excited to open our brand new in-ground swimming pool for the doggie daycare guests at our Sarasota location. This project has been a long time coming for our little guests!

The project entailed a lot of work, including re-configuring the outline and design of our outdoor daycare yards. We needed to make sure that our fencing was not compromised throughout the process while still maintaining enough space for our pups to play comfortably.

After moving the fencing and beginning to dig, we got lucky with great weather and were able to finish pouring the foundation of the pool rather quickly. Once it was finished, we did a leak test by filling the pool for a few days. All went well and we got a big THUMBS UP from the powers that be to open the pool for play!


Pool Design Features
The custom pool was specially designed for pups to swim safely. The entrance features a large sun deck, with a slope to allow small dogs to ease into the water. We also placed a smaller step attached to the lower portion of the sun deck so that our older guests could enter and exit with less physical strain.

doggie daycare pool at bayside pet resort sarasota fl

The unique shape was developed to allow space for dogs to swim and play without jumping on each other. It also allows them to play safely within the reach of staff no matter where they are in the pool. At its deepest, the pool is 4 feet deep – perfect for jumping in and swimming around, but also perfect for safely standing without the water being too deep.

best doggie daycare sarasota installs swimming pool

Opening Day
On the day of opening the pool, we waited until it got nice and warm in the afternoon. When the dogs came out from their mid-day break, we corralled them into the new yard one group at a time. It was so much fun to see their adorable faces when they rounded the corner and saw the pool for the first time!

Naturally, many of our Golden Retriever friends were the first to jump in! We spent the afternoon playing fetch, belly flopping, and having a grand time splashing around.

Our small dog friends were the first to check out the scene but not many (except for Teddy!) were willing to “take the plunge”.

We were surprised to see how many of our guests were willing to swim and play! Many of those who we hadn’t previously seen enjoy water were happy to get in and play with their friends. Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement from your pals!

Part of our mission at Bayside Pet Resort is to provide our clients with the absolute best. We know that pet parents expect high quality care and unrelenting attention to detail when they choose someone to entrust with the care of their dog or cat. Reinvesting dollars into our facilities is allows us to continuously update our amenities and facilities to provide pets with the best experience possible! We are proud to be an organization whose primary focus is on the happiness and health of the pets in our care.

Want to feel like you were part of all the fun? Check out the video recap we posted on Facebook of the “ribbon cutting” fun:

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