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April is Canine Fitness Month

April is Canine fitness month and keeping your dog at a healthy weight is key for a long and happy life. We all love our pets and tend to spoil them a little too much, but it’s important to keep your dog a healthy weight to keep their joints from being strained. Here is a healthy chart to check how your dog is if you don’t have a trip to the vet coming up soon:

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Is your pup over or underweight? Easiest way to fix the situation is adjust their portion sizes! You can slightly adjust how much you feed your pet with no issue and if you are going by the recommended portion your pet’s food recommends then you’re more than likely feeding too much. Before you make a drastic change to your pet’s diet be sure to consult your vet or a certified nutritionist.

Like humans, diet is only part of the solution. We want our dogs to get up and move as well in order to lose the chunk. Go on walks together, play fetch in the back yard, bring them to daycare. There are endless possibilities of activities you can do with your pet. If you don’t have the time you can always inquire about our 15 minute day training sessions where we can do some canine fitness with your pup.

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