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Bayside Care Club

In keeping with our goal to make your pet’s comfort and needs our utmost priority and provide the ultimate experience in pet hospitality and care, Bayside Pet Resort offers a proactive wellness program called Bayside Care Club. This program is designed to give our lodging clients added peace of mind.

Download the Medical Intake Form here.


The fee per pet is $10.00 per lodging stay. The program covers any unexpected illness or injury during your pet’s lodging stay, or within 72 hours of your pet’s departure from the facility. For example, if your pet is seen by a veterinarian for an upset stomach or lameness while at Bayside or within 72 hours after lodging departure, Bayside Care Club would provide up to $250.00 for veterinary care.


The program does not cover any routine visits, vaccinations, pre-existing illness, chronic health or medical conditions, or injury caused by one of your pets to another if they share a lodging space at your request. As all pets must meet our vaccination requirements, including Bordetella and Canine Influenza Virus, this policy does not cover Canine Cough, Canine Influenza Virus, nor feline upper respiratory illness.

Bayside Care Club FAQs

What is Bayside Care Club?

Why did Bayside decide to offer this unique program?

What does the wellness program cover?

What happens if the charges exceed $250.00?

What is the length of time that a pet can receive coverage?

What kind of documentation does Bayside require before a Bayside Care Club claim is paid?

What is the cost of this program?

Can I decline coverage?

Is Bayside Care Club offered to Daycare and/or Grooming clients?