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Dog Days of Summer: Beating the Heat

Summertime brings high temps and humidity here in Florida! Here are some fun activities for your pup during the dog days of summer.

  1. Splash Party: Kiddy pools are inexpensive at most retailers and sometimes you can even find a free one in your neighborhood! After filling the pool, try adding a bag or two of ice. This will help keep the water from getting warm in the sun and as an added bonus, many dogs love to chomp on ice cubes!

  2. Indoor Kiddy Pool Fun: If your dog doesn’t care too much for water games, try bringing the kiddy pool inside. Fill it up with all of their favorite toys and hide a couple of treats in the bottom. It’s a simple way to keep them out of the heat while still burning up their energy.

  3. Puzzles & Games: Watching your dog solve a puzzle is a lot more fun than it sounds. Get a muffin tin, put a yummy treat into each cup, and then place a tennis ball on top. Make sure your pup sees the treat in the cup before you cover it! Sit back and watch as your pup figures out how to get the snack. Once they start to master it, up the difficulty by only placing treats under some of the balls.

  4. Homemade Pupsicles: Kids and dogs alike LOVE popsicles! They’re so easy to make with ingredients that are probably already in your home. Try filling an ice cube tray with unsalted chicken broth and water (adjust amounts for your dog’s taste and belly). If you’d like, add a small treat in the middle like watermelon, carrot, and broccoli.Homemade Pupsicles at Bayside Pet Resort in Osprey, FLHave some tips and tricks we haven’t listed? Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for fun ways to engage and challenge our furry friends.
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