Day School

Drop your dog off at any Bayside location for an exciting day of learning!

Your dog will have a chance to play with other dogs in a small group setting, participate in games and puzzle activities, and receive customized one-on-one private training, for manners and/or behavioral problems, fitness training, strengthen core obedience skills and any other activities your dog may need or enjoy.

We keep our Day School class very small, no more than 4 dogs. In a smaller controlled setting, we can improve confidence, focus and self-control in each student.

Detailed View of Your Dog’s First Day

Your pet’s first day begins with a consultation with your dog’s trainer  to discuss your personal training goals. Many dog owners wish to develop or strengthen a foundation of basic obedience such as sit, stay, and recall to help mold their dog into a great canine citizen. For others, it may be addressing behaviors that have become difficult to live with or correct on their own like jumping on guests, pulling on leash, or lack impulse control around distractions. Others also use Day School as a way to improve their dog’s skills in performance sports like conformation, obedience, rally or agility competitions.

After checking in, your dog will have a chance to get acclimated to the environment and burn some energy by playing with their school mates. After playtime your dog will begin working on their learning goals in the training room and around the resort. One-on-one training sessions are interspersed with games and puzzles that unlock new ways for your dog to explore their senses and their environment. Dogs also enjoy fitness activities like the treadmill, stretches or balance exercises to strengthen their core muscles. The overall goal is to provide your dog with enrichment for both body and mind along with learning the life skills necessary for a happier coexistence in the home.

At check-out, you will have a transfer session, where your dog’s trainer will discuss the progress they made that day. Then, they will demonstrate the exact techniques you will use to continue the progress at home and in public.

labs in training during day school at bayside pet resort of osprey




Why Day School?  Puppies, dogs in the rebellious teenage stage, and seniors can all benefit from this service. Day School is commonly used by owners who lack the time or knowledge to train basic obedience or solve a problem behavior. We can help establish a great foundation and coach you on how to maintain the learned behaviors outside of the classroom.

What is a transfer session?
At the end of each school day, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your dog’s progress with your trainer and learn how to maintain what they’ve learned at home. You may also be sent home with some training homework. To participate in a transfer session, you’ll need to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time.

What to bring:


***Due to limited class size, we ask that all new students call to confirm availability before arriving. We recommend scheduling in advance.

Call us today to schedule your dog’s first Day School visit!***