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Why Doggie Daycare Benefits You AND Your Dog

Doggie Daycare Benefits You AND Your Dog!

How many times have you come home to a destroyed pillow or cushion? It can be enough to make you cry after a long day at work and this frustration is one of the top reasons people rehome their dog. Meeting all of your dog’s physical and mental needs is essential for a peaceful co-existence. Doggie daycare provides an awesome opportunity for your social dog to go burn off some energy on the playground with their canine friends. Here are some of the benefits it provides for both you and your pup:


The most frequently reported dog behavior problems stem from one common denominator: lack of exercise. Dogs who do not exercise regularly become stir crazy with pent up energy. This most often leads to destructive behaviors, excessive barking, and/or over-excitability. Not only does this have a negative effect on your mentality, it is an unhealthy mental state for your pup too. Consider your dog’s age and play styles before signing them up for a full day of play. If doggie daycare is new to your pup, a half day or even just an hour or two may be enough to start with in the beginning, with a gradual progression up to a full day if desired. Your doggie daycare center should have staff trained to recognize the signs of a dog who is becoming tired, and have a private space for them to rest when they need it. Like kids, even the most social dogs can become grumpy and short-tempered when they are tired.


Canine & Human Socialization

In addition to socializing with other dogs, doggie daycare also provides plenty of opportunity for your dog to socialize with a variety of different people. Having this experience will make other life events, such as visits to the veterinarian or groomer, a breeze for your dog. Proper socialization will build their confidence by providing opportunities to learn appropriate social manners from both dogs and humans. If you are training a particular behavior, such as teaching your dog not to jump up when greeting, ask staff to reinforce the rules while your dog is in their care. Consistency is key!


Solve the Boredom Problem

Have you ever been stuck at work or home thinking, “get me out of here”? Your dog thinks that too – only they depend on you to cure it! Having a new place to explore with their sniffer gives your dog another piece of this great big world to conquer. Find a doggie daycare that has daily activities or a playful environment that will keep your dog engaged. The different sights & sounds alone will be enough to keep your dog entertained for some time.



Privacy Without Compromise

Dog walkers are an option for some, but are you comfortable with a stranger in your home? Privacy is something most everyone wants! Consider too whether this individual is qualified for this work. Are they properly insured? Do they have the experience to handle your dog? At doggie daycare, your dog will be with qualified caretakers in an enclosed play yard, and most places even allow you to check in on a webcam!


Guilt-Free Living

For pet owners who work, those hours can be a long time to stare at your pet’s picture, feeling guilty for not being able to take your dog with you every day. You find yourself wondering “Do they need a bathroom break? Are they bored? What are they doing?” Daycare provides your dog with plenty of time outside to potty, run around, and just enjoy the company of their friends until you are reunited. You can also feel good knowing that your dog is getting plenty of love and care from staff trained in making sure they have the best time possible.


Keep in mind that dogs are individuals just like us, and daycare isn’t right for every one of them. Always check with a veterinarian before changing your dog’s exercise regimen to ensure that their participation will not exacerbate any existing medical conditions. If your dog does not get on well with other pups, ask your pet care facility what other enrichment programs they can offer.

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