Training Calendar

Everyone who enrolls in a group class is guaranteed to receive the greatest benefit of all: you will walk away with an even stronger relationship and better understanding of one another.

Whether you’re enrolling for purposes like socialization, to overcome problem behavior, or just for fun, we will teach you how dogs learn and how to effectively communicate with your dog when teaching them something new. This knowledge is vital to success in any class or program. We look forward to working with you towards your goals.

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen with their eyes.


Below is a list of our current and upcoming classes organized by location.

To secure your spot in class, payment must be received at or before time of enrollment.

  • Click class name to download PDF with full course description.


    LOOSE LEASH WALKING: November 18 – December 9 @ 5:00PM

    TRICKS: November 18 – December 9 @ 6:00PM



    REAL WORLD ETIQUETTE:  Every Wednesday @ 5:00PM  (Skip 12/25, 1/1)
    RWE is a revolving enrollment class, meaning you can start on any week so long as there is room in class. Please call ahead to confirm your spot in class.

  • Click class name to download PDF with full course description.


    TRICKS: November 20 – December 18 @ 5:30PM (Skip 11/27)



    ABC Skills: January 2 – February 6 @ 12:00PM

    RALLY: January 2 – February 6 @ 1:15PM



    PUPPY KINDERGARTEN: October 12 – November 23 @ 2:00PM (Skip 10/19)

    PUPPY KINDERGARTEN: November 30 – January 4 @ 2:00pM

    REAL WORLD ETIQUETTE:  November 30 – January 4 @ 3:15PM

    LOOSE LEASH WALKING: January 25 – February 22 @ 2:00PM  (Skip 2/15)

    TOPICS: January 25 – February 22 @ 3:15PM (Skip 2/15)

    LOOSE LEASH WALKING: February 29 – March 28 @ 2:00PM (Skip 3/21)

    TOPICS: February 29 – March 28 @ 3:15PM (Skip 3/21)

  • Click class name to download PDF with full course description.


    FOUNDATION AGILITY: January 6 – February 10 @ 1:15PM (Skip 1/20)

    BEGINNER AGILITY I: January 6 – February 10 @ 2:30PM (Skip 1/20)


    LOOSE LEASH WALKING: November 21 – December 19 @ 10:00AM (Skip 11/28)



    RALLY: November 2 – December 7 @ 11:00AM

    ABC Skills: January 4 – February 8 @ 10:00AM

    RALLY: January 4 – February 8 @ 11:15AM

    TRICKS: January 4 – January 25 @ 12:30PM

Training Collage

Step by step instructions for enrolling in a group class.

Step 1: Call your location or email us to schedule a FREE 30-minute training assessment (Optional). This is highly recommended for non-entry level classes and when dealing with particular training goals.

Step 2: Before proceeding, please call your location or email to make sure there is a spot available in class.

Step 3: Download and read our Training Class Policies. It is your responsibility to make sure required vaccines are up-to-date prior to the start of class.

Step 4: Download the Bayside Pet Resort Training Application & Waiver. To secure a spot in class, we require payment at time of enrollment. You can send your Application, Waiver, Proof of Vaccines, and payment two different ways

– Option 1: Hand deliver to the location in which your class is held.
– Option 2: E-mail or fax your paperwork to your location. You can make a payment by calling to approve a credit card transaction.

Step 5: An email will be sent from your instructor the day before class. It will contain a reminder on what to bring to class. If for some reason the class minimum for the class to run has not been met, you will be notified by phone and/or email.

FREE Training Assessment (20-30 minutes)

A training assessment is the first step in developing your pet’s individual education plan. Our experienced staff of certified dog trainers will develop a plan specific to your pet’s needs and your goals.

For your convenience the assessment can be done three ways. By phone, email or you can set up an appointment that will take place at the Bayside Pet Resort location nearest you and will last 20-30 minutes. You will be provided with your pet’s personal education plan. The plan will include a step by step process for reaching your goals.