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Help Your Pets Live Longer With Just 30 Seconds Everyday

Help Your Pets Live Longer With Just 30 Seconds Everyday

 by Ashley Sweeney

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show some signs of gum disease by the age of 3.  In addition to causing pain, bacteria from periodontal disease can spread into the blood stream and have severe effects on your pet’s health.

Without proper care, dental hygiene can become a huge headache – and drain on the wallet – for pet owners.

On average, veterinary dental procedures can cost anywhere from $300 – $2,000! Additional costs may also include oral radiographs, pre-procedure examinations/blood work, and anesthetic.

It seems silly to spend so much when investing as little as 30 seconds per day can help ward off much of the tooth decay and disease that comes with poor oral hygiene. We brush our teeth everyday but seldom think to do the same for our pets!

To help save you heartache and money, here is an infographic with tips for beginning an at-home dental routine with your dog or cat. Don’t forget to ask your groomer if they offer a tooth brushing service!

 ***REMEMBER: Never use human toothpaste for your pet. The foaming agents and fluoride in the paste can cause an upset stomach for our furry friends.***

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