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How To Clean Cat Ears

Ear health is often overlooked by pet owners. Not only do dirty ears contribute to a stinky kitty, but they can lead to the development of other problems such as chronic ear infections, head tilting, loss of balance, and hearing loss. The answer to combating these preventable symptoms is regular ear cleaning!

Cleaning your cat’s ears at home may largely depend on their temperament. If you are not confident that your cat will tolerate you handling them in a way that allows you to complete the ear cleaning, seek the help of a qualified pet groomer or veterinarian. A mistake can cause injury to the ear canal and improper handling can lead to your cat injuring themselves or you.

If the ears appear to have discharge, a foul smell, or otherwise look irritated or infected, consult with your veterinarian before proceeding with ear cleaning.

How To Clean Your Cat’s Ears

Supplies Needed

  • Cotton balls
  • Cat ear cleaner of your choice
  • Ear powder (optional)


1. Wait until your cat is relaxed and hold him in your lap with his rear facing toward you. You want him to back into your body if he tries to get away, giving you more control.

2. Gently fold back the flap of one ear to expose the opening of the ear canal.

3. Add several drops of ear cleaning solution to your pet’s ear and massage the base of the ear for 15 to 20 seconds. This helps the solution works its way into the ear canal.

4. Wet a cotton ball with a little more of the cleaning solution and gently wipe out your cat’s ear. If the cotton ball is very dirty, repeat this step with a fresh cotton ball to remove as much wax and debris as your can.

5. Wipe the inside of the ear clean with a dry cotton ball. If desired, add a little of the ear powder to the ear canal to help remove excess moisture.


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When you are finished with the ear cleaning, make sure to provide plenty of praise to your kitty. Making the experience positive and rewarding for them will reinforce that ear cleaning isn’t so bad!

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