Meet the Trainers

Jennifer Becker CPDT-KA

K9 Training Coordinator

Jennifer has a long history of working with dogs. Growing up she had German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and a Labrador. Together side by side with her mother she has helped co-raise puppies for Southeastern Guide Dogs and Canine Companions for Independence. She is currently helping to raise puppy number 18. Many of these puppies went on to be service dogs for the disabled and others were employed in various activities from arson & bomb detection to seizure alert.

In her teenage years she enjoyed competing in 4H dog shows where she handled her Golden Retriever, Patrick, in various events including agility, rally, obedience and showmanship. 4H combined with puppy raising led her down a rewarding path to becoming a dog trainer. As she got older she got her first job working for Petco as a trainer. Not soon after she landed a position working as a daycare attendant at our Bayside Pet Resort location in Osprey. Her training skills were noticeable while working with large groups of dogs. When an opportunity arouse in our training department we knew she was the right person for the job.

Jennifer’s favorite aspects of the job include trick training and helping owner’s overcome the problems that arise when a dog’s natural behavior becomes a problematic one. For Jennifer it’s a highly rewarding experience to see the bond between a dog and its owner grow, simply by helping them understand how to communicate more effectively with their dog. In the least aversive way possible, Jennifer teaches owners how to teach a dog what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. She knows the importance of finding what motivates your dog and utilizing it in a way that makes training a fun and rewarding experience for both the dog and owner.

As Jennifer’s expertise of training dogs continues to grow, so do her goals. She is currently training her dog for AKC competitions. Her interest lies with obedience, agility and rally. Her hunger for knowledge has also led her down the path to taking the CPDT-KA test, which she successfully completed for certification in 2019, and enrolling in school to earn a degree in Animal Behavior. We feel very fortunate to have Jennifer as part of our training team here at Bayside Pet Resort. You can rest assured your dog will be in good hands with Jennifer.


Jamie Cline, ABCDT

Certified Dog Trainer – Lakewood Ranch

Jamie’s interest in dog training started while she was in school to become a veterinary technician. One of her required courses was on animal behavior and as part of her course work she had to train a dog and she fell in love. She decided to switch her career path and enrolled in Animal Behavior College’s (ABC) canine training program which she graduated from in April of 2020. During her schooling she continued to grow her working knowledge by training dogs for family and friends.

Before arriving at Bayside Pet Resort, Jamie served as the main trainer at a board and train facility where she was able to use the skills she learned at ABC. She is excited to expand her knowledge in animal behavior by becoming one of our Pet Pals and Daycare attendants. Jamie’s excellent work with the dogs and drive to become a trainer led to her shadowing for the position here.  She enjoys working with all the dogs that come through our doors and excels at reading the dogs by discerning what training methods will best work for them.

She wishes to continue her growth here at Bayside Pet Resort and learn about different sports, such as agility and rally. Jamie hopes to become a certified AKC Evaluator and explore even more dog training certifications. We know under her guidance your pups will certainly thrive!

Suzette Wood

Training Instructor

Training dogs as a teenager, I have been continually active in all dog sports for over 40 years. These many training opportunities have built a wonderful companionship between me and my dogs.  Owning a variety of different breeds has provided me with the enjoyment of their unique skills in many dog sport venues.

While participating in these venues, my dogs have earned many prestigious titles and awards of distinction for outstanding performance. Attending yearly seminars and workshops on new developments in dog behavior helps keep me up-to-date on training methods.

By developing fun, interesting training activities for dog owners, I am able to provide gentle training methods that are enjoyable for both dog and owner.  Participation in these fun training activities builds a solid foundation for your dog to develop good manners and behaviors, making them a well adjusted member of the family and community.

Teaching dog owners effective techniques to communicate with their dog provides the foundation skills for all future training, and enjoyment for both!

John Pfohler

Training Instructor – Osprey

John’s journey in dog training began in 1995 when he took his young Golden Retriever, Sam, to a basic obedience class and the instructor told him that Sam would do well in competition obedience. It was at Sam’s first show where he won his first ribbon that John’s life changed forever! Over the years his dogs have earned multiple titles in various venues with AKC, UKC and ASCA including High in Trial.

His love of competitions turned into teaching a variety of obedience classes from puppy to competitive dog sports. Wanting to give back to the dogs, John spent many years with various dog rescues and fostered over 60 dogs which led him to start learning not only how to train, but how to work with behavior issues. He recently retired from the Humane Society of Sarasota County as their K-9 Behavior Specialist and dog trainer for nine years.

John’s training philosophy is rooted in science and he has and still attends many classes and lectures from trainers and Veterinary Behaviorists from the United States, Canada and England. He believes that dog training has to be fun, enjoyable for dog and handler!

Joan Maund, CDT

Training Instructor – Sarasota & Opsrey

Joan has worked, trained and volunteered with dogs for over 15 years. While working on her psychology degree she adopted a 2-year-old German Shepard with severe separation anxiety among other behavioral issues.  Already working as a pet sitter, dog walker and training in agility, she began to work with trainers to help her German Shepard. She realized that human and dog psychology were the same so after graduating she went on to get her professional dog trainer certification through the International Association of Canine Professionals in 2009. Since then, she has devoted herself to helping dogs and the people who love them.

She has competed and trained in agility, earning excellent titles on two of her dogs, one of the highest designations for competition. She has taught classes on puppy, basic obedience, behavioral modification, agility, and all AKC CGC titles. She has trained and graduated therapy and service dogs. She has taken classes and worked with other trainers in nosework, rally, freestyle and utility as well as attending seminars to stay current on the newest and best training philosophies.  A volunteer at numerous shelters over the last 15 years, she is currently volunteering at the Humane Society of Sarasota County and Satchel’s Last Chance Resort and Rescue.

She believes dogs learn best through positive reinforcement, consistency and giving dogs the ability to problem solve and make the right choices with our guidance.