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Celebrate National Dog Day in Sarasota


5 Paw-some Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day in Sarasota

They help us relieve stress, make us smile, and even help us with daily tasks. Dogs truly are a human’s best friend! So this year on National Dog Day, give your pup something extra special to say Thanks for all you do! Here are 5 awesome ways to celebrate the day with your beloved pup!national dog day sarasota

1. Get out and play!

We’re so lucky to have many dog-friendly places in our area. Hit the 17th Street Paw Park to celebrate the day with other dogs and their owners. If that’s not your style, enjoy a nice walk along the water at Bayfront Park/Marina – just don’t forget a leash! Sarasota approved new leash laws on May 1, 2017. (Read more about the leash law here.) The dog beach at Brohard Paw Park in Venice is a must-do for dogs that love to swim! Brohard also offers fenced, shaded areas outfitted with fresh water fountains and doggy showers to rinse off before heading home.

2. Train a new skill

Training is an excellent way to build the bond between you and your dog. Just like humans, dogs need practice to keep a sharp mind! Practice things your dog already knows, then up the ante by trying it in a more challenging environment. Or, if you’re up for it, teach them something entirely new! Even senior dogs love the opportunity to learn. What’s that saying about old dogs and new tricks?

3. Give ’em a spa day!

Whether your dog has a short or long coat, they’ll love a good scrub in the tub. As a bonus to making your dog feel great, you’ll get to enjoy their lovely fresh smell and clean coat. Dogs with skin issues will especially appreciate some soothing relief. Add on a pawdicure or facial for that true spa experience!

4. Volunteer at a local animal shelter or rescue

Some dogs are still patiently waiting for a person to call their own. Sarasota has a wealth of animal organizations who are spending every single day caring for local pets who have yet to find a home. Lend them a helping hand by spending time with a long-term resident who could really use a little extra love. Our local Humane Societies have a great list of animal resources in ManateeSarasota and Charlotte Counties.

5. Learn more about your dog

Do you consider yourself a dog expert? If not, there are plenty of books out there to get you to that level! Visit a local bookstore and browse their collection of books about canine personalities and behavior. A great one to start with is Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz.


Have bigger plans for the day? Tell us about your favorite dog-friendly activity in the comments!

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