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4 Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

If the idea of leaving your dog at home all day sounds stressful, or you’re having problems with destructiveness, anxiety, or loneliness when you leave them alone, then our doggy daycare service may well be your best solution. Our fun dog daycare service is a great way to help your pet stay cheerful and well-behaved at home.

Doggy Daycare offers your dog the benefit of being around other dogs while you are at work or you’re out of town. Daycare provides an excellent opportunity for your dog to exercise and socialize with other dogs. If you have a puppy, daycare can help socialize your pup so that he or she is comfortable with other dogs and people as they grow older.

Physical Activity/ Exercise

Put your dog to work! Bring ‘em along on a crazy adventure and drop them off at pet daycare. The fun they’ll have will make you want to go out there and play with them! Doggy daycare provides physical exercise as well as mental stimulation – what more could your pup ask for? Daycare may just be the only way to get that energetic animal under control, and could even improve the condition of your home by keeping your buddy from destroying it in your absence! Dogs require exercise just like humans do; daycare facilities are the perfect place to house a large number of pets in a monitored environment. Unexpected fun is always waiting when you drop your dog off at daycare; imagine all the comical new friends they’ll make!


At Doggy Daycare, we make it enjoyable for your dog to meet new furry friends. We have indoor and outdoor play areas and encourage dogs to play with the toys we provide. We even have a designated room for pups that may not be able to play with other dogs for safety reasons. Each dog gets a chance to get out of its cage and interact with other people. If your dog is shy, our doggy daycare might help them come out of their shell!

Aids with Separation Anxiety

Your dog needs time away from home. After all, it’s not healthy for them to spend every waking moment with you. That’s why it’s so important that your dog socializes and learns how to play and get along with other dogs—which is exactly what our doggy daycare was designed to do!

Needed Attention While You’re Away

Bayside Pet Resort Doggy Daycare has a lot to offer your pet. We can keep the basic necessities covered – food, water, and shelter – but our services go far beyond. Our convenient location features a big, fenced-in yard where dogs can romp freely and play off-leash. We also host creative, stimulating group play sessions with plenty of distractions, such as Frisbees, balls, and doggie pools. In addition to this social gathering, we hold plenty of individual attention for our canine clients by snuggling them on the couch or walking them outside. Our staff is always on hand to provide a force of affection for your four-legged friend in the form of pets and belly rubs.

For Parents

They’re safe–and so is Your Home

Spending the day playing is a great way for your dog to get exercise and socialize, which makes them happy and helps boost their immune system. At Doggy Daycare we provide your woof with fun activities like pool parties and puppy playdates, so they get plenty of exercise and attention. Plus when you drop off your pup early in the morning, they always get to sleep in!

Quiet Time

As pet owners, we understand how important it is to care for your best friend. Doggy Daycare is a great way to give your dog some space and independence while you are at work or running errands. While your dog is spending the day with us, our highly qualified, trained staff will ensure that he or she receives the attention and exercise they need.

Daycare is Not Right for Every Dog

Animal daycare is a great way for dogs to get socialization and exercise while their owners are at work. There are a few factors to consider before enrolling your dog in daycare services though. Some dogs have no interest in playing with other animals, or they could be over-stimulated by other dogs in the care. If you find that your dog might fall into one of these categories, don’t despair! Animal daycare does not have to be a daycare doomsday for your pooch, you can also choose our Day Lodging option. While animal daycare might not be for every dog, it can still be a great option for many pups.

To Learn More About Doggy Daycare at Bayside Pet Resort or Set Up a Temperament Test, Call One of Our Three Outstanding Locations;

Sarasota (941) 351-0730

Osprey (941) 244-4930

Lakewood Ranch (941) 755-3047

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Holiday Reservation Tips

Here is a friendly reminder of what to pack and what not to pack for your pet’s lodging stay.

We are so excited to have your pets with us over the holidays! As we usually do this time of year, we’d like to provide you with some tips and detailed information about our busy holiday season. 

We value and respect your time, and have taken several steps to expedite the check-in/check-out proves while still providing the top level of care your pet deserves. 

Please call us with any questions you may have. 

Patience:  On some days we will have 75 -100 pets checking in and or out of our facility in a single day! If you have a flight to catch, please allow adequate time for check-in so that we may get thorough and complete care instructions for your pet. Our staff will be working as efficiently as possible but anticipate a bustle of activity.

Pre-bagged food: We always tell pet parents to pre-measure their pet’s meals into individual baggies whenever possible. This helps to ensure your pet receives the same portions you feed at home. No need to date them, but if A.M. and P.M. portions are different, feel free to use a permanent marker on the baggies differentiating the morning from evening meals. Staff will confirm feeding information with you at check-in. 

Personal Items:  We provide water bowls, food bowls, and a raised bed with bedding. We recommend bringing in only those items that are necessary for your pet’s comfort. Please feel free to bring in a toy or two to help your pet feel at home – we will inventory the items at check-in. As a reminder, please keep your pet’s “irreplaceable” belongings at home. For the safety of your pet, we no longer permit tennis balls or tug toys.

Vaccines: Please ensure your pet is up to date on the following vaccinations before their stay:

Cats Dogs
Rabies: 1 year Rabies: 1 year or 3 year
Distemper: 1 year Distemper: 1 year
Bordetella: 6 months


Camera Suites: To expedite your check-out process, we will be gathering and laundering pets’ belongings the night before their scheduled departure. Should you look in on your pet and find their belongings have been removed, rest assured your pet will always have access to one of our beds at all times.

Bayside Care Club: As a reminder, we are now offering this protection program to all of our lodging clients for added peace of mind throughout your pet’s stay. For more information, including coverage/non-coverage and FAQs, visit our informational website at

A few last things before you go…

Standard lodging includes three potty breaks. We offer extra activities for an additional fee to accommodate pets that need a little bit more time out of their suite. Keep in mind your pet will be stimulated with the hustle and bustle of the holiday festivities and may come home all “tuckered out”, so please select activities compatible with your pet’s energy level. 

Although your pet may be housebroken, it is not uncommon for a pet to have an accident when in a new environment. We offer full-service grooming and bathing if you would like your pet freshened up before you take them home. 

We will do our best to make your pet’s stay with us a comfortable, positive experience and wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

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8 Health Benefits of Routine Grooming

Let’s talk about a topic that you may have not thought was necessary, grooming.

You may notice that your four-legged friends look, feel and smell better after their grooming appointment. This is true, but did you also know regular dog grooming can have a positive effect on your pups’ overall health? Especially living in Florida and dealing with additional allergens it can be crucial to keep up with your pets grooming just as you would your own. Here are eight benefits of regular grooming for your furry family members.


1. Improves Hygiene

Obviously, dogs can get a bit smelly just like humans. Routine grooming and bathing will help with improving hygiene by removing dead skin and other buildups that may be bothering your dog. 

2. Discovering Parasites

Professional dog groomers know how and where to spot fleas and their eggs. Regular washes, brushing, and trims will also help with preventing those parasites. Ask your groomer if they offer treatments to aid with pesky fleas.

3. Proactively Detecting Skin Issues

It’s a best practice to get your groomer acquainted with your dog early on. This way, they can recognize when areas look abnormal on your dog. Early detection is important for any health issues your dog could encounter. It’s also common for dogs to fall victim to anal gland infections, so we recommend talking to your groomer about an anal gland expression for them every 4-6 weeks.

4. Reduce Ear Infection

Did you know ear infections are common causation of deafness later in dogs? A routine trim around the ears and cleaning can prevent health issues down the road. Sometimes your dog may even need their ear to be plucked if they’re dealing with chronic infection, your groomer will know the signs and make that recommendation for you.

5. Nails – Improve Posture & Reduce Risk of Bone Deformation

Your dog’s nails should not be touching the ground when they stand up. If they are, it’s a sign that you’re past due for a nail trim appointment. Dogs will often accommodate for this physical discomfort by adjusting their posture. This change could lead to deformation and a plethora of avoidable pains down the road. It’s often overlooked but also a vital part of your dog’s healthcare.

6. Shed Less

No matter what type of breed your dog may be, regular grooming is beneficial to them. Having a professional groomer routinely distribute their natural oils along with brushing, proper cleansing and trim is important. This will allow your dog to LOOK and feel healthier, truly shining.

Pro Tip: If your pup has a double coat talk to your groomer about the benefits of de-shedding treatment. We promise this will help reduce the amount of shedding your dog does at home.

7. Pulling Matts

For dogs with medium-long fur, brushing is key to avoiding matts. If matts are left untouched they can become uncomfortable to your dog and will need to be cut out by their groomer.

8. Cuteness Improved

Of course, we love this benefit! Maintaining a healthy grooming routine for your dog is truly a reflection of your love for them. Depending on your dog’s breed we recommend visiting our Bayside Pet Resort Dog Groomers every 4-6  weeks. 


To Schedule Your Next Dog or Cat Grooming Appointment, Call (941) 351-0730

Bayside Pet Resort Offers Professional Grooming Services at Each Location.

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How to Prepare Your Pet for a Storm

With hurricane season officially beginning next month there’s a lot to get ready for, both for your human family as well as your canine friends. As you’re getting your emergency plans ready for your family, pay attention to details like what shelters are pet friendly. If you plan to leave the state entirely make sure you know what hotels allow pets on your travels and any restrictions you might encounter due to breeds, quantity, or size of your pets.

Don’t plan on boarding your pets! Many boarding facilities, like Bayside, are not hurricane grade and if they are forced to evacuate they will call you or an emergency contact to pick up your pet. If you are going on vacation during this time make sure you leave a local contact for them to call if they are forced to evacuate. If no one is able to pick up your pets, they will be left at the facility and if an evacuation order is given staff will be unable to check on them. As soon as an all clear is given staff does come back to the facility to check on any pets that were left.

From personal experience, after working in a pet store when Irma hit, it’s better to get your supplies now than at the last second when it really matters. Everything sells out quickly.


Supplies You Need:

Crates: These are required at any pet friendly shelter.

Food & Water: Make sure you have enough for at least a week.

Leash, Collar & Harness: These are essential for keeping control of your pet in a new environment. You also always want to keep a collar on them with their up to date identification cards should they escape for any reason. 

Calming Aids: Not every dog needs these but it will really help those who suffer from anxiety or are afraid of storms. Thunder shirts as well as CBD/calming chews are a good combination. 

Medication: Make sure you have enough to last a week if a storm is approaching. If your pet requires insulin or other refrigerated medications, have a small cooler on hand to keep them cold for as long as possible. 

Toys: A good variety to keep them busy but nothing they could accidentally ingest when unsupervised.  

Puppy Pads: This gives them an area to go if you’re unable to go outside. If you plan on staying home you can also fill a kiddie pool with sod and leave it in the garage. 

Vaccine Records: If you do have to evacuate, it will be good to have their most recent shot records on hand to show to any hotel or evacuation center. 

Pet First Aid Kit: Just in case something happens, it’s always good to have an emergency medical kit should your pet get cut on debris, get sores from excessive licking due to nervousness or any other ailment. 


After the Storm

After the storm passes, be sure to check in on everyone. Make sure no injuries occurred at any point. Also monitor their behavior. It’s normal if they are acting differently, hurricanes are scary and stressful for them. Their appetite and activity level might change. You might also notice some vomiting or diarrhea, which is common when a dog is stressed. If you notice that any of these stress signals begin to worsen, then contact your vet. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 


Storm Shelters that Allow Pets in Sarasota & Manatee County

All Sarasota County Evacuation Shelters accept domestic dogs and cats. 

The following are pet friendly shelters in Manatee County. Please note that they open based on need and will not be open for every storm. Wait until officials announce these shelters are open before you go. 

    • Braden River High School, 6545 SR 70 East, Bradenton
    • Manatee High School, 902 33rd Street Court West, Bradenton
    • Mills Elementary School, 7200 69th Street East, Palmetto


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Stuck Inside? It’s Puzzle Time!

Easy Games to Play At Home

Puzzles are a great and fun way to stimulate your pups mind without making it a training lesson. Most puzzles are easy to set up and great to use again and again. Just make sure you keep an eye out to make sure they don’t destroy anything.



The easiest and most well known “puzzle” is simply filling a kong up with yummy treats and giving it to your pup! A good way to make it last longer is to do a mixture of their kibble or some treats and peanut butter or something similar and sticking it into the freezer. A nice treat and a little game at the same time!



If you’re looking for something a little more challenging for your pup just grab a muffin tin and some tennis balls. All you do is put some treats in all or some of the openings and then cover them with the tennis ball. Once you’re all set, put it down and let your pup go to town!



For this “puzzle”, all you need are some old tennis balls or kid’s Easter eggs, some treats, and plenty of hiding spots. 

Make a cut in the tennis balls and pop in a couple of kibbles. If you’re using Easter eggs then just open them and fill them with kibble. Once done, go ahead and hide them in spots around the house while your dog waits in another room. Once you’re done release the hound and let their sniffer do all the work!

Looking to do some additional training with your dog? Check out our Training Page for more solutions.

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April is Canine Fitness Month

April is Canine fitness month and keeping your dog at a healthy weight is key for a long and happy life. We all love our pets and tend to spoil them a little too much, but it’s important to keep your dog a healthy weight to keep their joints from being strained. Here is a healthy chart to check how your dog is if you don’t have a trip to the vet coming up soon:

Image sourced by:

Is your pup over or underweight? Easiest way to fix the situation is adjust their portion sizes! You can slightly adjust how much you feed your pet with no issue and if you are going by the recommended portion your pet’s food recommends then you’re more than likely feeding too much. Before you make a drastic change to your pet’s diet be sure to consult your vet or a certified nutritionist.

Like humans, diet is only part of the solution. We want our dogs to get up and move as well in order to lose the chunk. Go on walks together, play fetch in the back yard, bring them to daycare. There are endless possibilities of activities you can do with your pet. If you don’t have the time you can always inquire about our 15 minute day training sessions where we can do some canine fitness with your pup.

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Sarasota Location Renovations

We are so excited to share with you the fresh new look for Bayside Pet Resort of Sarasota. After quite a few weeks of dust, paint and drilling you can really appreciate the new changes. 

Please join us on Saturday, June 12th from 10am – 2pm for our Grand Reopening Celebration and 9th Anniversary. We will have giveaways, raffles, treats, food trucks and more! Plus take a tour of our newly renovated facility.  












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Bayside Welcomes Guests from Southeastern Guide Dogs

Bayside Pet Resort is so excited to be hosting three dogs from Southeastern Guide Dogs (SEGD) at each of our locations. The statues were painted by local artists and create a lovely talking piece in our lobbies. Each statue is inspired by a dog that was trained and placed with their human by SEGD. We invite you to meet these super cute pups and donate to SEGD to help with their mission of transforming lives. 

Buddy is inspired by Maggie, a Service Dog. “Boarding” at our Sarasota location. 

Hi! My name Buddy! When I grow up, I want to be like my friend Maggie. She’s a spunky yellow lab with a sweet personality. She’s also a highly-trained service dog and best friend to U.S. Army veteran John Gallagher. When John deployed to Afghanistan as a medic, he witnessed many people – including children – suffering injuries from IED blasts. Post-traumatic stress disorder followed, and now John relies on Maggie to stay by his side and give him a sense of calm. 

Beautifully created by artist Austin Gee.



Sky is inspired by Hope, a Gold Star Family Dog. “Boarding” at our Lakewood Ranch location. 

Hi! My name is Sky! When I grow up, I want to be like my friend Hope, a sweet black lab. She’s also a Gold Star Family dog and best friend to 8-year-old Talon. Talon was just 8 weeks old when he lost his father, a U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant who lost his life when enemy forces attacked his unit in Afghanistan. Talon and Hope share a very special bond. 

Beautifully created by artist Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr. 





Bella is inspired by Miracles, a Kids Companion Dog. “Boarding” at our Osprey location. 

Hi! My name is Bella! When I grow up, I want to be like my friend Miracles, a sweet black lab. She’s also a Kids Companion dog and best friend to a little girl named Millie. Millie’s been fighting cancer since she was just four, and she lost her vision from the effects of a brain tumor. During one difficult MRI, Millie’s grandmother prayed for a miracle. The next day, the phone rang and Millie was offered a Kids Companion dog – named Miracles! This affectionate dog gives Millie extra love, encouragement, and purpose. 

Beautifully created by artist Brandy Heinrich. 


Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people with dogs. We operate the most advanced training facilities of any service dog organization in the world. We create elite working dogs and provide life-changing services for people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges such as vision loss or the loss of a parent in the military. A nonprofit with a national reach, we provide our premier dogs and lifetime services at no cost.

Learn more at or text the word Guidedogs to #44321 to donate now. 

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Dog Training: Different Gear Options for Your Pet

labs in training during day school at bayside pet resort of osprey

Retractable Leashes

Although retractable leashes are very popular and can let your pup explore, they pose many dangers to both you, your pet, and others. These leashes can malfunction by having the locking mechanism break allowing your pup to have free reign. Dogs the run all the way to the end of the leash can suffer from trachea damage as well as hurt their owner’s arm.

They also pose a risk if the owner is not paying attention to where their dog is. Their dog can get into a variety of dangerous situations including ingesting something that is poisonous, being attacked by a dog that is not good with other dogs, or overwhelming someone who is afraid of dogs. Just because your dog is friendly doesn’t mean everyone around you is as well.

Standard Leashes

A standard 4 or 6 foot leash is a much safer option when bringing your pup out in public. These leashes come in a variety of styles including nylon, leather, and rope . These leashes still give your pup a chance to sniff and safely explore without giving up safety and control if needed.


There are several types of collars on the market. The two basic types are the standard buckle collar and the martingale collar. These collars are great for ID tags to be on as these can stay on the dog at all times. These collars are good to use with a leash on a dog who is not a big puller otherwise they could damage their trachea. Small dogs tend to be at higher risk for trachea damage so a harness might be a better fit.

There are also two main training collars that can be used: prong collars and choke chains. Neither of these collars should be used without consulting a trainer first as they both can cause serious damage if fitted or used improperly. If you are currently using one and want to have a trainer check the fit, feel free to ask us!


As stated above, harnesses are a great option for small dogs to protect them from trachea damage, however they may not be a great option when it comes to a large dog that pulls a lot. We must remember that harnesses were creates to help dogs to pull sleds and other heavy loads. Harnesses also utilize what is known as opposition reflex, where if something pulls back against it they will push harder in the opposite direction.

There are some harnesses labeled as no pull harnesses. The most effective of these options will clip in the front which eliminates the opposition reflex as well as pull them slightly off balance.

Head Halters

Head halters are a great training tool but can be mistaken for a muzzle as first glance. Although they do have a loop that goes around the muzzle, it does not inhibit the dog from opening his mouth. He can still eat, drink, give kisses, and get mouthy while wearing one. The design was made to function the same way that a halter on a horse works, change the direction of the head and change where the dog goes.

The main issue many owners have with this is that you can’t just put it on a dog and go. At first the sensation of having something around the nose is uncomfortable to the dog so you have to desensitize them to the feeling of it. Some dogs will get used to it quickly, others need longer to adjust, and some might never get used to it. This product is gentle on the dogs and is a self correcting tool like a prong collar, where the pressure applied by it from the dog’s own pulling does the work of correcting that issue. Like all training tools, this is meant to be used to teach the dog how to walk nicely so the owner can then transition to a regular collar or harness.

For more information on our dog training classes and programs, click here.

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Tips on Potty Training

Potty training can be a long process that can take a couple weeks or a couple of months for your dog to master. It’s normal to get frustrated and wonder what could be going wrong but it is best to take a step back and take a deep breath.

Here at Bayside we are ready to help you through this time with different tips and tricks to success!

Tip #1 Ditch the Pee Pads

If you are using pee pads you are inadvertently teaching your pup that it’s okay to pee inside the house. Pick them up so they lose out on a “safe” place to go inside, increasing the chance that they will go outside.

Tip #2 Add a Command

Adding a command name, like “Go Potty” or “Hurry” can help your puppy understand what you are looking for it to do. When they do end up going mark it with “Yes! Good Potty!” or whatever your word is going to be. Just don’t use treats to help reinforce it or your pup might fake squat in order to get a treat.


Tip #3 It’s Okay to Use a Crate

We all have heard that we shouldn’t use a crate as punishment but it can be a very useful tool when doing potty training. Puppies have the natural instinct to not go potty where they sleep, especially in a correctly sized crate. If you take your puppy outside and they don’t do anything, put them in the crate for 10-15 minutes and try again. This is also a good way to get them used to the crate.


Tip #4 If the Puppy Plays, The Puppy has to Pee

By some natural phenomena, it seems like the more a puppy plays, the more they will have to go out. If your puppy has just finished playing, or has been playing for a while take them out immediately to avoid an unwanted accident.

Tip #5 Keep a Consistent Schedule

Like with all things, it’s good to have a consistent schedule. Make sure the puppy has set feeding and sleeping schedule and to let them out after eating and once they wake up. Once they get used to the routine they might even start reminding you that it’s time to go out.

Tip #6 Be Observant

Most of the time, dogs will actually try to tell you that they have to go potty. Dogs can all have different types of signals, such as waiting at a door, whining, barking, and even acting more needy than normal. Keep an eye out and see if your puppy was acting differently before they had an accident so you know for next time.

Need more help? Talk to one of our trainers at any of our three locations for more information and tricks that could help you!

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