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How To Clean Cat Ears

Ear health is often overlooked by pet owners. Not only do dirty ears contribute to a stinky kitty, but they can lead to the development of other problems such as chronic ear infections, head tilting, loss of balance, and hearing loss. The answer to combating these preventable symptoms is regular ear cleaning!

Cleaning your cat’s ears at home may largely depend on their temperament. If you are not confident that your cat will tolerate you handling them in a way that allows you to complete the ear cleaning, seek the help of a qualified pet groomer or veterinarian. A mistake can cause injury to the ear canal and improper handling can lead to your cat injuring themselves or you.

If the ears appear to have discharge, a foul smell, or otherwise look irritated or infected, consult with your veterinarian before proceeding with ear cleaning.

How To Clean Your Cat’s Ears

Supplies Needed

  • Cotton balls
  • Cat ear cleaner of your choice
  • Ear powder (optional)


1. Wait until your cat is relaxed and hold him in your lap with his rear facing toward you. You want him to back into your body if he tries to get away, giving you more control.

2. Gently fold back the flap of one ear to expose the opening of the ear canal.

3. Add several drops of ear cleaning solution to your pet’s ear and massage the base of the ear for 15 to 20 seconds. This helps the solution works its way into the ear canal.

4. Wet a cotton ball with a little more of the cleaning solution and gently wipe out your cat’s ear. If the cotton ball is very dirty, repeat this step with a fresh cotton ball to remove as much wax and debris as your can.

5. Wipe the inside of the ear clean with a dry cotton ball. If desired, add a little of the ear powder to the ear canal to help remove excess moisture.


Click here to download this guide as a printable PDF

When you are finished with the ear cleaning, make sure to provide plenty of praise to your kitty. Making the experience positive and rewarding for them will reinforce that ear cleaning isn’t so bad!

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Celebrate National Dog Day in Sarasota


5 Paw-some Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day in Sarasota

They help us relieve stress, make us smile, and even help us with daily tasks. Dogs truly are a human’s best friend! So this year on National Dog Day, give your pup something extra special to say Thanks for all you do! Here are 5 awesome ways to celebrate the day with your beloved pup!national dog day sarasota

1. Get out and play!

We’re so lucky to have many dog-friendly places in our area. Hit the 17th Street Paw Park to celebrate the day with other dogs and their owners. If that’s not your style, enjoy a nice walk along the water at Bayfront Park/Marina – just don’t forget a leash! Sarasota approved new leash laws on May 1, 2017. (Read more about the leash law here.) The dog beach at Brohard Paw Park in Venice is a must-do for dogs that love to swim! Brohard also offers fenced, shaded areas outfitted with fresh water fountains and doggy showers to rinse off before heading home.

2. Train a new skill

Training is an excellent way to build the bond between you and your dog. Just like humans, dogs need practice to keep a sharp mind! Practice things your dog already knows, then up the ante by trying it in a more challenging environment. Or, if you’re up for it, teach them something entirely new! Even senior dogs love the opportunity to learn. What’s that saying about old dogs and new tricks?

3. Give ’em a spa day!

Whether your dog has a short or long coat, they’ll love a good scrub in the tub. As a bonus to making your dog feel great, you’ll get to enjoy their lovely fresh smell and clean coat. Dogs with skin issues will especially appreciate some soothing relief. Add on a pawdicure or facial for that true spa experience!

4. Volunteer at a local animal shelter or rescue

Some dogs are still patiently waiting for a person to call their own. Sarasota has a wealth of animal organizations who are spending every single day caring for local pets who have yet to find a home. Lend them a helping hand by spending time with a long-term resident who could really use a little extra love. Our local Humane Societies have a great list of animal resources in ManateeSarasota and Charlotte Counties.

5. Learn more about your dog

Do you consider yourself a dog expert? If not, there are plenty of books out there to get you to that level! Visit a local bookstore and browse their collection of books about canine personalities and behavior. A great one to start with is Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz.


Have bigger plans for the day? Tell us about your favorite dog-friendly activity in the comments!

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“Pawtism” Puppy: Classroom Dog For Easter Seals

“Pawtism” Puppy: Autism Classroom Dog For Easter Seals of Southwest Florida

Autism is a life-long disorder for which there is no known cause, cure, or singular effective treatment. Experts agree that early diagnosis and intervention are critical in helping people with autism better their outcomes in the future. Therapy and treatments can help people with autism make significant progress, and can help them lead meaningful and productive lives.

Over the last few months, we have been excitedly developing a new, unique program with our neighbors at Easter Seals of Southwest Florida. Our collective vision has been to train a canine companion, AKA “Pawtism” dog, for Easter Seals’ classrooms. Research has shown that the presence of a dog helps autistic children be more attentive and socially engaged in the classroom. Much thought went into how we can use the therapeutic nature of dogs to offer this much needed service to the children of Easter Seals. Equally as important to us was that the puppy have a home life where he can “turn off” his working brain at the end of the day and just be a dog. Beverly Landers, Certified Assistant Occupational Therapist at Easter Seals Southwest Florida, has generously offered to be this pup’s “person” and provide him with a great life! We will be joining her in adopting a puppy from Humane Society of Sarasota County this afternoon.

Beverly is very excited about this opportunity and is ready to welcome this tiny ball of fur into the Easter Seals community. She will be tasked with caring for the puppy and being his training partner every step of the way. They will enjoy learning together, as she becomes familiar with all of the training and intricate details of a service dog’s life.

It was important to us that this “Pawtism” puppy come from a local rescue. Finding a puppy can be tough – finding the RIGHT puppy for this very important job proved to be much tougher! John Pfohler, trainer at Humane Society of Sarasota County, was instrumental in assisting us by evaluating many different pups and finding just the right one.

John and Bayside Pet Resort trainer Murisa Kippin collectively have over 35 years of animal training experience, including exotics and service animals. They already work together closely on our “Pets for Vets” program, a partnership between Humane Society of Sarasota County and Bayside Pet Resort  to find perfect canine companions who will assist military veterans in our community. Working together, Murisa and John coordinate training of both the dog and the individual, helping the pair bond and learn to work as one.

white german shepherd service dog

L to R: John Pfohler, Julie Dejnowski, Rico & his Pets For Vets program service dog Stella, Murisa Kippin

Humane Society of Sarasota County has been incredible in supporting this program! Not only did they surprise us by offering to donate the puppy for this program, but they have also generously donated a training crate, obedience training classes, and veterinary care for a year at their animal clinic! In addition, they will help us certify the “Pawtism” pup as an official therapy dog after his first birthday.

Easter Seals of Southwest Florida will be having a puppy naming contest at their campus on Monday August 7th. Their students will all get a chance to vote for their favorite puppy name, which they will be helping to care for when he is in the classroom. Easter Seals students will be a central part of the puppy’s life, helping to feed and water him, exercise him, and walk him over to Bayside for play and pampering!

This little pup will be the first “Pawtism” facility dog of its kind in the area. We are beaming with excitement as we dive into this program! Stay tuned for puppy pictures and training updates!

Learn more about Easter Seals and the amazing service they provide to our community by visiting their Services webpage at


***UPDATE: AUGUST 7, 2017***

Easter Seals students voted on the name of their new furry classmate today! The votes are in and the winner is…

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Bayside Pet Resort Breaks Ground on Fourth Facility

Bayside Pet Resort Breaks Ground on Fourth Facility

Sarasota, Florida, United States – July 19, 2017

Bayside Pet Resort Lakewood Ranch Artist Rendering

Bayside Pet Resort begins construction on its fourth location in Lakewood Ranch, Florida on July 28th, 2017. This facility builds on the vision of offering the best dog and cat boarding, day care, and training for its customers.

Bayside Pet Resort is breaking ground on the new Bayside Pet Resort of Lakewood Ranch facility on July 28th at 4PM, at 15117 Garnett Trail, Lakewood Ranch, Florida. This will be the fourth location for the local pet care organization. Bayside Pet Resort offers 5 – star canine and feline lodging, doggy daycare, professional pet grooming, and dog training.

The vision for the Bayside family of pet resorts has always been giving back to the community. Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, animal lovers, and owners, Robert and Lynn Huff opened their first location in Sarasota in 2012, after retiring from the health care industry. Mr. Huff recently described why they got involved with pet care: “We created 5-star resorts because our beloved pets deserve the same quality of care as we give to people”. He added, “We’re extremely excited to continue our tradition of service to pet owners in the Lakewood Ranch Area”

The Bayside team then discovered the need for a quality pet spa in the University Park area, and opened the Bayside Pet Spa at the corner of Honore Ave. and University Parkway a year later. The fun Parisian-themed day spa for pets offers many of the same amenities that might be found at a human spa.

Forever pursuing his vision, Mr. Huff then opened Bayside Pet Resort of Osprey, the third location in BPR’s portfolio, in December 2015. This newest location filled a need in South Sarasota and Venice for quality pet care. Among the 5-star amenities available for canine and feline guests are an in-ground saline filtered swimming pool, 24/7 webcams, and suites with private outdoor lanais. This location’s footprint will serve as the model for the newest facility in Lakewood Ranch.

To ensure his vision was seen to fruition, Robert consulted with Sivitz Innovative Design of Sarasota and J.E. Charlotte Construction Corp of Venice, converting a dilapidated mobile home park into what is now the beautiful Bayside Pet Resort of Osprey.

Pet owners in Lakewood Ranch can expect the same high level of care in their neighborhood sooner than they think, as Bayside Pet Resort prepares to break ground on the new resort at Lorraine Corners.

For more information on Bayside Pet Resort at Lakewood Ranch, check out our page at

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5 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

5 Reasons To Microchip Your Pet

Did you know more pets go missing in July than any other year of the month? Yep, it’s true! Fireworks and summer fun can be scary for your pet – scary enough where they may take off or accidentally slip out the door! And without a way to tell a human their home address, how will your pet get back to you?

Tags can be a great way to let someone know your pet is lost and who they belong to, but what if the tags fall off in their travels or worse, removed by the person that finds them?

Luckily, in the age of technology there is an invisible solution: Microchips!

These tiny, important identification chips are excellent because they can’t be removed – and they will last for the life of your pet. As soon as someone scans your pet’s chip, your contact information will pop up so your pet can find their way back to you. Just remember to keep your contact information up-to-date!

Talk to your veterinarian about microchipping your pet today.

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Pets & Vets: Stella, From Shelter Dog to Service Dog

Stella: From Shelter Dog to Service Dog

For the last few months, we have quietly been working behind the scenes with Humane Society of Sarasota County on a program called Pets & Vets to benefit military veterans in our community.

Each individual is unique in the way that they process the experiences and traumas of military deployment. Some of the after effects of war are visible while many others are not.

Professional trainers Murisa Deighton and John Pfohler (HSSC) carefully evaluate each pet to determine who will best meet an individual’s needs. The program also provides post-match support, including veterinary care at HSSC’s animal clinic and free training classes. Pets & Vets mission is to provide an environment for veterans to connect with animals, and use their companion to connect with others. Murisa and John have successfully matched multiple veterans with animals who meet their needs.

We are especially proud of our trainer, Murisa, who has been working for the last few weeks on transforming Stella, an HSSC rescue dog, into a service dog for a local veteran. Throughout the course of regular obedience training, Stella showed exceptional focus and an aptitude for learning.

After a few weeks of intensive training, Stella stayed at Bayside Pet Resort in Sarasota for a few days to fine tune her skills before heading home. Stella has since gone home with her dad, and both couldn’t be happier to be together!

white german shepherd service dog


Joining people who need animals, with animals who need homes, has been such a rewarding experience for our team. We are so proud of Murisa for this incredible accomplishment! As this program continues, we hope to bring you news of many more happy stories as we continue to help Humane Society of Sarasota County find the best possible homes for their adoptable pets.


To learn more about the philanthropic work Bayside Pet Resort is doing, visit our philanthropy page.

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2017 Bow Wow Luau Results

2017 Bow Wow Luau Results

The numbers are in: Together with our friends in the community, we were able to raise $12,500 for Satchel’s Last Resort!

We had so many great raffle prizes donated by our friends at:

Wilde Honda

The Aloha Nui Stars

The Little Bird Stop

The Flamingo’s Nest

A Natural Pet Pantry

Gold Coast Eagle Distributors


Sky Zone Sarasota

And of course our Agility Instructor Jeff Boyer and his Bayside agility students!

We’re humbled by the outpouring of support from everyone who donated, attended, or in some way helped us make this event a success. Giving back is a core part of our mission. Thank you for supporting us and encouraging us to continue to doing good by the animals in our community.

It was great to meet new friends, and reconnect with old friends, all in the name of saving animals.


Enjoy this video recap of our awesome afternoon:

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Bow Wow Luau 2017

Bow Wow Luau 2017

Bayside Pet Resort of Osprey will be hosting Sarasota’s tropical pet party again this year – Bow Wow Luau! This Hawaiian-themed event benefits the dogs and cats of Satchel’s Last Resort Animal Sanctuary. Satchel’s and Bayside share the belief that all dogs are created equal and deserve to live their lives as beloved pets.

Join us Sunday, May 7 from 3pm-6pm for hula dancing, raffle prizes, light bites and beverages, and plenty of adorable, adoptable pets! Well-behaved leashed pets are welcome to come enjoy the festivities and check out our state-of-the-art facility.

See you there!


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Help Your Pets Live Longer With Just 30 Seconds Everyday

Help Your Pets Live Longer With Just 30 Seconds Everyday

 by Ashley Sweeney

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show some signs of gum disease by the age of 3.  In addition to causing pain, bacteria from periodontal disease can spread into the blood stream and have severe effects on your pet’s health.

Without proper care, dental hygiene can become a huge headache – and drain on the wallet – for pet owners.

On average, veterinary dental procedures can cost anywhere from $300 – $2,000! Additional costs may also include oral radiographs, pre-procedure examinations/blood work, and anesthetic.

It seems silly to spend so much when investing as little as 30 seconds per day can help ward off much of the tooth decay and disease that comes with poor oral hygiene. We brush our teeth everyday but seldom think to do the same for our pets!

To help save you heartache and money, here is an infographic with tips for beginning an at-home dental routine with your dog or cat. Don’t forget to ask your groomer if they offer a tooth brushing service!

 ***REMEMBER: Never use human toothpaste for your pet. The foaming agents and fluoride in the paste can cause an upset stomach for our furry friends.***

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5 Things Your Cat Wishes They Could Tell You

Cat Hacks: What They Wish They Could Tell You

Most cat owners feel “in the dark” about their cats needs and desires. Here’s 5 things your feline friend wishes they could tell you!

  1. “Scratching is natural and essential.”

    • If you didn’t know any better, you might think scratching furniture and carpets is naughty behavior. But did you know that scratching is essential to your kitty’s well-being? Scratching not only conditions your cat’s nails and nail bed, but also helps them stretch their muscles, and mark their territory. If Fluffy is destroying your furniture, get them a scratching post or two to meet their needs. For furniture scratchers, upright posts work great; for carpet scratchers, floor posts or mats do the trick. When purchasing scratchers, try to find one with a material similar to kitty’s favorite forbidden scratching areas.
  2. “I get most of my moisture from my food.”

    • Domestic cats evolved from desert dwelling ancestors, and are naturally designed to get their water from food. Dry food contains 5-10% moisture, while wet food is as high as 75%. If your pet is showing signs of dehydration or urinary tract problems, try increasing the amount of moisture in their food. This often helps dry skin issues as well.
  3. “I need dental care, too!”

    • 85% of cats have periodontal disease before their 6th birthday! When you start to notice gunk building up on the surface of the teeth, or any redness/swelling near the gums, this is usually an indication that a cleaning is needed. Most veterinarians offer dental cleaning/teeth scaling services at their facility. In addition to regular cleanings, it is important to establish a regular teeth brushing routine at home. Poor oral health can lead to bigger problems, such as kidney issues, down the road.
  4. “I can tell you A LOT with my body.”

    • Cats communicate a great deal of information without ever voicing a peep! Pay attention to your cat’s ears, eyes, and muscle tension. In addition to body language, your kitty’s meows may be decieving you as well! Cats often vocalize when they’re hungry, and purr when they’re content. But like a human smile, purring could mean your cat is nervous, anxious, or thrilled. Purrs vibrate at 25-150HZ which is also the frequency that assists in physical healing and bone mending. So when kitty is purring during their nap, they’re actually working to keep their bones strong!
  5. “I’m bored!”

    • It’s a common misconception that cats are a “set it and forget” type of pet. In actuality, cats need a lot more than full food and water dishes. Mental stimulation is necessary to keep your feline happy, as they’re naturally keen predators. Try making a kitty maze from discarded cardboard boxes, or DIY kitty toys made from common items like toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls.


In conclusion, it is important to pay attention to your cat’s needs to make sure you’re providing them with an enriched lifestyle. Meeting their needs appropriately can curb bad behaviors and strengthen your bond!

Here’s an infographic to share with other cat lovers:

5 things your cat wishes they could tell you

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