Sarasota Staff

Shardae Pittenger, Acting General Manager

Shardae Pittenger started with Bayside Pet Resort in June of 2020 as the Office Manager. She is currently serving as our Acting General Manager. 

As a local Floridian, Shardae graduated from North Port High School in 2010. She is currently


 studying Anthropology online with the University of Florida.

Shardae’s favorite thing about her job is going out to daycare. She loves playing with them and looking at all the new dogs we get and how they play with each other. 

Favorite Dogs: Freddie Beck is definitely one of her favorites. Thor, Axelrod, Mishka, Piper. She loves them all because they’re all so different. 

Fun fact about Shardae is that she has a background in the circus. Her family was in the circus growing up and she moved to Sarasota when she was about 4. Part of her family also owns the Big Cat Habitat here in Sarasota. Shardae works there occasionally when they need help in preparation of hurricanes, major events, etc. Her favorite job is feeding in the morning. 


“Because every animal is different when you feed them. And there are certain animals, especially the monkeys, that really love to trick you when you go to feed them. Which is hysterical because you really think you’re outsmarting them and really they’ve gone 5 steps ahead of where you’ve already been. I go to put the food in the cup and they run over and close the lid when I go to dump the food in the cup so then I end up dumping the food everywhere. And they think it’s funny and they laugh. You want to get mad but you’re like they’re so cute.” 

Shardae is mom to Copper, a Cattle Dog mix who was adopted from the Humane Society of Sarasota County. Shardae and Copper like to walk around Bayfront Park to sniff bushes and look for squirrels. Copper’s all time favorite thing to do is run and chase balls. She would run and chase a ball until she fell down.

In her free time Shardae likes to go surfing with a local group of girls. She also likes riding her bike or taking trips to the zoo.