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Our Canine & Feline Activity Packages are a great way to bundle your pets’ entertainment during their lodging stay!

Canine Activities 

“All About Me” Session:  give pets the kind of special love and attention they deserve. Sessions are customized to your pet and can include

–  A game of catch – Frisbee or Ball

–  Extra workout time – Walking & Running

–  Quiet Cuddling and Brushing Time

Group Play: Guests participate in a 1 hour group play session, running, playing and swimming in one of our exercise yards. All participants are temperament tested before joining the play group.***

Daycare w/ Lodging: Guests can join Doggie Daycare for either a Full or Half day of play with their friends.***

Nature Walks: A 15 minute nature walk designed to give the guest a chance to stretch their legs and get some exercise or just to get out of their suite and explore our large yard.

Business Walks: An extra potty break outside to get a breath of fresh air, a nose full of great smells and have the opportunity to take care of business in the great outdoors.

Skinny Dip: The perfect activity for the Dog Days of summer! Guests can frolic in the pool and then towel off before returning to his or her suite.

Gourmet Treat: Every month we will have a special gourmet treat made especially for our canine guests and served in-suite.

Tuck – in: A perfect end to a busy day. This service provides for some great one-on-one attention, lap time and belly rub before bedtime.

NEW! Day Training : Add structure and mental stimulation to your pet’s day with a 15 customized or fixed curriculum training session with one of our qualified trainers during the weekdays. Click here to learn more.

***All dogs are temperament tested before joining a play group. Must have Pet Personality Profile filled out prior to temperament test.

labs in training during day school at bayside pet resort of osprey

Feline Activities

Our feline accommodations include free-roaming time for guests to explore the Kitty Room.

All About Meow: Our “frisky” guest will experience one-on-one time with a Pet Pal while they explore our cat room, stalking everything from catnip mice to feathers. This play session is essential for a curious cat.

Tuck-In: A “purr-fect” way to end the day!  Our feline guests will enjoy personal one-on-one time with staff, getting extra love and attention to settle in for the night.