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Stuck Inside? It’s Puzzle Time!

Easy Games to Play At Home

Puzzles are a great and fun way to stimulate your pups mind without making it a training lesson. Most puzzles are easy to set up and great to use again and again. Just make sure you keep an eye out to make sure they don’t destroy anything.



The easiest and most well known “puzzle” is simply filling a kong up with yummy treats and giving it to your pup! A good way to make it last longer is to do a mixture of their kibble or some treats and peanut butter or something similar and sticking it into the freezer. A nice treat and a little game at the same time!



If you’re looking for something a little more challenging for your pup just grab a muffin tin and some tennis balls. All you do is put some treats in all or some of the openings and then cover them with the tennis ball. Once you’re all set, put it down and let your pup go to town!



For this “puzzle”, all you need are some old tennis balls or kid’s Easter eggs, some treats, and plenty of hiding spots. 

Make a cut in the tennis balls and pop in a couple of kibbles. If you’re using Easter eggs then just open them and fill them with kibble. Once done, go ahead and hide them in spots around the house while your dog waits in another room. Once you’re done release the hound and let their sniffer do all the work!

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